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Can the new downloads interface in v20.0 be reconfigured? The new interface is horrible!

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Just OK'ed the v20.0 push upgrade. Tried to download files as I had always done.

Was very surprised by the new interface and process. Frankly, it's a step backward and really leaves alot to be desired.

Is there anyway to change the config back to the download process/interface model of v19.x?

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The Interface is controled in the source code and it cannot be changed by the end user. The interface can be themed with themes and plugins. If you honestly hate the new download interface please let us know what we could do to make it better as the current download interface makes things simpler. We are sorry for any inconvience this has caused you and remember to always keep Firefox up to date for your security.

See also to about:downloads page.

Dear Mozilla,

I do not like the new download manager at all. The arrow turns green when downloads are complete. However, even though I configured Firefox to clear downloads as soon as they are finished, the downloads stay in the list. I have to clear them manually every time.

This is horrible ! Please restore the old manager. It worked perfectly to my opinion and there was no reason to change it.

The new download manager is here to stay as we find it useful to our users. We are sorry you don't like it. What could we do to improve it?

Hi Titan_Fox, you wrote

even though I configured Firefox to clear downloads as soon as they are finished, the downloads stay in the list. I have to clear them manually every time.

Could you describe which settings you've set to clear the downloads so I can test this? The only thing that comes to mind for me is disabling all history and download history in the Privacy settings.

Hi Titan_Fox, coincidentally someone in another thread mentioned this preference you could set in about:config for the old download "manager":

0 removes the item from the manager list upon completion of the download

As far as I can tell, there's no equivalent preference for the download "panel". Instead, the design is to have that panel contains downloads for the current session, and then be cleared at the close of the session.

So if you prefer a blank list, it's probably best for your needs to switch back to using the old dialog. Check out the link in my first reply in this thread.

Either way, you can always use the Library dialog to access your downloads list.

The new Downloads Panel forces = 2 (manually)

See case "download-manager-change-retention":

// If we're using the Downloads Panel, we override the retention
// preference to always retain downloads on completion.
  • Bug 838681 - Figure out use-cases of the retention preference, and support them in the new downloads experience

(please do not comment in bug reports:

Thanks for the various tips and feedback. I'll work with it.

I found that having the downloads presentation function in its own window to be helpful, especially when dealing with flaky WiFi access points.

The new download manager no longer displays the download speeds. Of all the things to drop, you dropped the most important one. I really hope you keep the option to go back to the old download manager as that's what I have done. If you are going to be moving forward with the new one, put back in the showing of the download speeds.

Hi Mike89, I'm not sure why the download speed isn't shown in the small panel. It is shown in the Library dialog ("Show All Downloads"). It would be a good idea to make those consistent.

All I can say is I'm glad that there is the option to drop back to the old one (via About:Config - - True). This "go back" option works perfect and I sure hope Mozilla keeps this and not force everyone to use the new one, a la Microsoft's we know best and screw you approach.

I restored the "old" download manager via the "" setting in "about:config".

My biggest issue was that completed downloads did not clear automatically. I had to clean the list manually every time.

As soon as Mozilla fixes this bug, I will use the new manager.

What are the specific technical advantages of folding the old download manager into a single-/central- window presentation? Are there efficiencies in the new coding? Does the change effect plug-in functions positively (e.g: Flash, Java)? Or is the change purely aesthetic in that it brings Firefox into a purely "tabbed browsing" experience (contra a multi-window experience).

Although there are numerous aesthetic and ease-of-use benefits in the tab-drive scheme, the window-based scheme allowed for a more efficient and comfortable user-experience since the tab-scheme is mouse-oriented and the window-scheme is not.

I have a minor issue with the new download window. In previous versions I had FireFox configured to leave the download window open (show all downloads) whenever I start a download. I have dual monitors and I kept the downloads window on the 2nd display so I can keep tabs on it if it's a long download.

Now I have to go through two steps after initiating a download: click on the download icon, then click on "show all downloads".

This seems a bit of a step backwards. Any way to restore to option to always show all downloads when a download is initiated?


Type about:config into location/address/url bar and press the "Enter" key to open the about:config page

Use the Search bar at the top of the about:config page to locate

"Toggle" from "false" to "true"


THANK YOU SirSimeon2003! That's exactly what I was looking for.  :)

The new download manager sucks. This is the end of firefox for me, I shall be using google crome from now on. Thanks for ruining what was a good product. Good one Mozilla.

Follow SirSimeon2003's instructions (above) and you can get the old download manager back. Worked for me.

You can use "Clear history when Firefox closes" to clear only the download history.

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