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Got new version, want to go back to previous download box, the new one has no history and doesn't show speed of download, how do I go back?

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They are in the question. I was very pleased with the old download box, I have a mac so when I got the new update from firefox, I was very surprised to see I can't look through the old downloads and can't see the speed in which the current file is being downloaded, it doesn't make sense to cut those options off...

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Note that Firefox 20 also can open the about:downloads page in a tab (see also about:about).

You can set the Boolean pref to true on the about:config page to restore the old download manager window.

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If you go into the menu, you can still access the download box. It has not completely vanished, it's just that the download box has just moved into the browser.

தீர்வு தேர்ந்தெடுக்கப்பட்டது

Note that Firefox 20 also can open the about:downloads page in a tab (see also about:about).

You can set the Boolean pref to true on the about:config page to restore the old download manager window.

On Windows, I open the download list using Ctrl+j. My guess is that you would use Command+j on Mac. I started a huge download to make sure I would have time to grab a screen shot, and I do see a progress bar.

I do think it's sad that the file size, date, and site are missing for deleted downloads. It does make clearer which ones are unavailable, but that data could be handy for a quick sanity check before downloading it again.

Thanks a lot cor-el! You gave me a great solution which I would never know off or find on my own. This was a great and helpful tip, I hope a lot of people would enjoy it now that it's online.

Yes this About:Config option to go back to previous download manager works fine. I sure hope Mozilla doesn't do away with this option as I hate the new download manager. They dumbed it down way too much.

@ cor-el Thanx so so much for this solution!! The download feature in FF was just great and personally this new download "thing" I find just terrible :( So again thanx for this!!! :)

It seems that there is a distinct trend to make things prettier for the ignorant and unwashed.

Why not a config menu for things like this and the tab location. I really like to have the tabs directly above the page they belong to. Totally don't understand the rationale provided to explain that one

While I am truly grateful for all those with the talent to maintain FF, It too bad that the changes included in each release are not better documented. Slow down the releases and explain some of the changes and why.

All our changes are document, just to let you know.

I guess I wasn't clear enough. I have trouble understanding WHY many of the changes are made. I'm sure someone had a good reason but doggone if stands out. It seems that we are re-learning FF over with each revision.

Things get moved and a road map would be nice. But, really, are we just keeping up with the joneses? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I do read release notes, and user manuals, for some 50 years now. I even used to write them. The release notes are a lot more extensive now and that's a help. I found the little download arrow as a result.

More than release notes are needed. I haven't looked at the FF documentation (user's manual) on line recently, but I've always had trouble with the content. I guess I need to look at it after tax time.

Please be sure that that part of the documentation keeps up with the revision levels of the software. Otherwise don't release it.

I don't want to seem like I'm on a rant so I'm sorry if it might seem that way to some.

@ feer56 All the changes are indeed documented ... but that doesn't mean the changes are good. The download thing which is introduced now is just a huge step backwards, totally unclear, confusing and very ugly. Been using FF for years, never complained a lot ... but this is just a totally wrong thing.

The new download panel was tested on our beta version and with that we collected user data and opinion of it. Majority of the users liked the new download panel so it was introduced into version 20.

That's fine but there are plenty who don't like it. What has made Firefox is options. I hope that is always kept in mind and stays that way. IMO this should be been made an option, not a mandatory change. At least a way was left in via the About:config to change it back. I will be very dismayed if this option is taken out in the future. Because I've become wary of this, I have dropped the option for automatic updates. I will watch closely now and only update if really want the changes.

Completely agree with Mike89. For me and many others (just Google it) this new download thing is horrible. It's fine when it can be changed through about:config and that should stay this way IMHO. Or even better: give an option for a "simple" download manager (the old one) or advanced one (the new one). But here also now stopping the automatic update of FF becuase of this.

You can also see the new Download Manager on the built-in about:downloads page or alternatively open this page in a new window.

the chosen answer's solution ... the about:config thing does nothing except pop up a blank page when you try downloading

it just removes all means of seeing download progress

lonegunman101 மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

it doesn't work for me

all I get is a blank pop up download page 

the page pops up like it used to but is blank

you collected a small data set from a small portion of the people who use FF and the majority of them liked it

not the majority of FF users

Hi lonegunman101, the Download Manager will be blank until you make new downloads. Your older downloads were migrated to the Download section in the Library dialog. New downloads should show the traditional download display and then remain in the Download Manager. I went for a huge PDF to capture the attached screen shots in Firefox 20.0.1.

Yours never shows anything -- before, during, or after? After experimenting around, my guess is that you are in a private browsing window. In a private window, I do not see any downloads added to the Download Manager dialog. They only seem to appear in the new Download Panel or in the Library dialog. So at least for now you do not have the old dialog option in a private window (unless I'm missing something, which certainly is possible).

Regarding the scope of research on new releases, I'm sure Mozilla would be open to suggestions on how to get several thousand more people to try test versions of Firefox and give their input on the changes. If you're curious, you can find those future versions here:

  • Beta - future Firefox 21
  • Aurora - future Firefox 22

yes, I always use private .

I did try new downloads and they didn't show in the download manager page/popup. it appears that your hypothesis may be right .

thank you for the beta links, I shall take part after my hospital stay when I am sure to have more time to be a contributing tester.

if my comment appeared to be overly snarky concerning the scope of research , that was not my intention, chalk it up to frustration and being ill.

I have a lot of respect for the Mozilla and the efforts they make

Beta users are NOT the same as end users. This should be obvious, especially with the current situation with Windows 8. Just because beta users like a new "feature", doesn't mean that feature should actually be rolled out to production. If a new feature breaks work flow or other functionality, it should be made optional, and EASILY defeated. It is this change for change sake mentality that has forced me to roll back all my machines and lock them down against updates. I went from having only 5 add-ons in version 2.0 to REQUIRING 15 add-ons in later versions just to restore the features and functionality to the way I liked and was used to it. IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT!

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