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With version 20 Linksys camera VIEW no longer works

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WVC54GCA camera no longer displays view. Camera can be accessed, setup works, just no view.

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Please contact the webcam manufacturer as they may need to release and update soon. At the same time, a lot of things may not with with version 20. so please take caution.

I have this same problem with my Linksys WCV-80N cameras. Video does not display since I upgraded to FF V20 ... I can get into the setup functions but no image is available. Dropped back to FF V19 and all is well.

This is not a proper solution. If you go to the support area you are warned against downgrading to an earlier version.

CalBear மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

If you are wishing to go back, the download is there. We do warn you though. That is all.

How about "we are going to fix this" instead of a warning not to use a version that works?

I provided you with support in having you contacting the manufacturer to see if they may need to release an update for your software. Unfortunately, you will not do that and want to downgrade. Sometimes issues aren't caused by Firefox but instead needing manufacturers to release updates.

I have no interest in downgrading. It appears mozilla has no interest in fixing the problem. That is very sad since I have been using the browser almost exclusively since before it was Firefox. I expect it is a simple fix as the browser does download all the data, it simply doesn't display the result.

We may or may not have to fix the issue because sometimes software needs updating and unless updating occurs we cannot do things to rectify the issue. I will escalate to see what we can do but sometimes as I mentioned we may need to see if it is software requiring updating.

Thank you!

I can understand why this is not a high priority. Rather than install an older less secure version of Firefox I'll use the dreaded IE for this application. It would be appreciated by me (and others) if you could post here if/when there is a fix. Thanks!

If you'd like a fix, I'd encourage you to do two things:

Contact your manufacturer to make sure there isn't a firmware update for your device.

File a bug at with as much information as possible. While this may not be a bug in Firefox, and while it's going to be extremely difficult to fix since I doubt very few people have your device, it at least is a step in the right direction.

there's already bug #862382 for this issue (please only post in bug reports if you can contribute substantially).

I read the bug report and while I'm not tech savvy enough to follow all all of the discussion I was able to toggle off/on line to get a "still" image. Then refreshing gives me live video ... imagine that. I appreciate the assistance ... maybe a real fix will develop.

joebike மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

The work-around in the bug report "fixes" the problem as reported above. Of course this couldn't possibly be a Firefox problem it must be the webcam software that is used in many model numbers from Linksys and has worked for years on many browsers including the android version of Firefox.

Here's the fix... After setting the browser to offline mode via File->Work offline it displays the image of the exact second where you enabled offline mode. After going back to online mode and reloading the page via F5 the video shows correctly.

It appears the viewing problems with Linksys Wvc54 is fixed in FF=22 on beta channel. That is good.

Problems still exist viewing Synology Surveillance Station 6. When trying to use the "Live View" screen, only a few cameras will display. It worked in FF=20. When I went to FF=21, it broke on my home cpu. Os=WinXP

My laptop has FF=21 and it works fine. I don't know why this is the case.

I have no idea what this means :-(

I installed the Firefox Version 22 beta and was able to view my cameras momentarily, i.e., image was displayed for a second and then reverted to an error message, refreshing resulted in the same behavior. It seems that the developers are addressing the issue, at least I hope that's the case and not just a by-product of other unrelated changes. I've dropped back to the released version 21 for the time being since my android app works just fine for viewing on my tablet.

Linksys Wvc54gca & Linksys wvc80n & Cisco wvc210 & Foscam Cams are now working for me ( WinXp , FF=22 beta ) on my Desktop.

My laptop ( WinXp , FF=21 ) is working as well.

The following is related to Synology NAS running Surveillance Station 6. The Live View Screen has Gui buttons & displays live Camera video.

I still cannot use the "Live View" screen, only a few cameras will display. It worked in FF=20. When I went to FF=21, it broke on my home cpu (winXP). Even the upgrade to FF=22-beta did not fix the issue.

My laptop WinXP & FF=21 works fine. I don't know why this is the case.

thanks & Good luck fixing FF. I wish I knew how to debug the page & send results to FF coders.