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Sort bookmarks alphabetically

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When I right-click on a bookmark in a bookmark folder, I am not presented with a way to sort the bookmarks. I am used to IE where there is an option to sort the links (or folders within a folder) alphabetically with just one click.

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hello soundprodj, when you right-click a folder instead, there should be an option to sort the contained bookmarks by name...

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hello soundprodj, when you right-click a folder instead, there should be an option to sort the contained bookmarks by name...

u all wronger and wronger. 'sort by name' does NOT appear after right clicking the universe!!!

don't know about the universe - but it certainly does for folders...

Thank you. After weeks of not seeing what to click, I finally saw it and it was there all the time. Buried halfway down the list of websites was,

'Bookmarks Menu', so I right clicked on it and there was 'Sort by name'.  So all my firefox bookmarked are now in alpha order.

My "Sort By Name" Option is Grayed Out, and not active. Now What?

"Sort By Name" is only enabled if you right-click a folder and not if you right-click a bookmark.

Dezzie, I don't know about 'Sort By Name' grayed out in this case. But with my new printer menu I needed to click something that was grayed out and it became un -gray when I did things a different way or 'correct' way. bill72

Cor-el Thank you. I already stumbled over the correct way thank you. Also, funny, for years had trouble comparing equivalent to old office of filing cabinet, manila folders etc. Just realised the heading to bookmarks has brown square which is a picture of a folder. bill72

OK, Thanks. I right clicked on the Mozilla Firefox folder, and clicked on "Sort by name". That enabled the grayed out "Sort By Name" to become black when I right clicked on "Show all Bookmarks". Then clicking on the now black "Sort By Name" fixed it. Kind of weird........but whatever works.

Appreciate the reply.

Also see the links in cor-el's post above. The view may be sorted with other options, and there is a choice of display options for the columns.

I have latest version of Firefox running on iMac with 10.6.8 OS; none of the above advice works for me (no right/left click). So, how do I alpha my pop down bookmarks list? I can open Show All Bookmarks and when I click on Name above that list alphabetizes, but when I click on the regular Bookmarks icon for the popdown list, they remain in order in which they were created. I know there's a way to do this but I can't seem to stumble onto it. Help!

on a mac it might be cmd+click instead of a right click

My question is, right click or cmd-click on what/where? I don't have any 'folders' that I know of, just the Bookmarks in top list (Apple symbol, Firebox, File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools, Window, and Help); I click on Bookmarks and I get the dropdown menu that lists: Show All Bookmarks, Bookmark This Page, Subscribe to This Page, Bookmark All Tabs, Bookmarks Toolbar, etc, and then my list of bookmarked pages; I am trying to alpha that list. It does not reside in any folder. I can open Show All Bookmarks and manually move bookmarks around, alpha that way, but that is very slow and I know there's another way.

in the bookmarks menu click on show all bookmarks which will bring you to the bookmarks library - there you'll have the bookmarks toolbar & bookmarks menu on the panel on left side which you can right-click/cmd+click & sort the contents by name

edit: screenshot attached

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On Mac, the menu bar and its Bookmarks menu is maintained by the OS, you you can't do the sorting in the Bookmarks menu.
You will have to open the Library or the bookmarks sidebar to do the sorting via the right-click context menu.
The Views > Sort menu in the Library is only meant for viewing purposes and doesn't sort the bookmarks.
It has the same effect as clicking on the header bar.

When you say Library, I assume you mean the Firefox Bookmarks Library, and not my OS Library; I had figured out that Sort was only arranging what I saw on the Show All Bookmarks dropdown; I want to, you know, sort the menu that drops down when I click on Bookmarks on my Firefox toolbar.

Yes, the Library is the Firefox Bookmarks Manager.

You will have to do the sorting via the right-click context menu of a bookmarks folder in the Bookmarks Manager.

No folders. What is right-click, by the way? highlight, open, or ? totally not getting it.

You can sort all bookmarks at once with the Auto-Sort Bookmarks add-on.

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