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norton does not support firefox 15

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Just installed Firefox 15.0 on a Mac 10.5. Norton posted an alert that Norton Confidential does not support this version and cannot protect against phishing, Is this true?

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Shawn மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

தீர்வு தேர்ந்தெடுக்கப்பட்டது try to update your Norton. Also, just so you know, Firefox has it's own built in Phishing protection, so you don't need the Norton Toolbar.

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தீர்வு தேர்ந்தெடுக்கப்பட்டது try to update your Norton. Also, just so you know, Firefox has it's own built in Phishing protection, so you don't need the Norton Toolbar.

Tylerdowner - Thank you for you very quick reply. At the moment, I have re-installed FireFox 14. Checked the Norton site. They claim to have an upgrade available. Tomorrow I will download the upgrade. Again, thank you.

My error message after updating to Firefox 15 indicated that I am vulnerable to phishing because I have to have Firefox 1.5 or higher. I had just installed 15. I updated Norton for MACs on Comcast and it still didn't work. Then I spent an hour with Comcast chat where he lead me around the mulberry bush and then suggested I contact Firefox - after I had suggested it 45 minutes earlier. Do you know for sure that Norton is updating tomorrow. I risked using Firefox because I had to register to reply to this post. I'm feeling really dumb!

Norton has already pushed the update, so if you check for updates in norton it should update automatically. As I said before though, norton toolbar does little to nothing to actually protect you, so using it is no more insecure than browsing without.

Thank you so much. Your help has provided me tremendous relief.

to: Tylerdowner. I guess I should have asked you the following. If I download and use the Norton upgrade, will the FireFox anti-phishing software still work. Thus, will I then be protected by both Firefox and Norton at the same time? Thanks for your help

Yes it will, however, it is mainly redundant, and disabling Norton will probably speed up Firefox anyway. However it's all up to you :)

Tylerdowner: Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I plan to download the Norton upgrade. That way I will be doubly protected, so if one doesn't work, then the other might. I am willing, at least for a while, to accept the potential slowdown.

Jane7491: Please notice my response to Tylerdowner. I inquired whether downloading the Norton upgrade would interfere with the Firefox anti-phishing software. He assures me that this would not be a problem, although there might be some degradation in computer speed. I am now going to download the Norton upgrade and then the Firefox upgrade.

The message I received says "

This version of Firefox is not supported by Norton Confidential. You will not be protected while browsing the Web. Norton Confidential cannot protect you while you use this version of Firefox. Phishing Protection requires Firefox 1.5 or later."

I am using Firefox 15.0!!!! isn't that "later" than 1.5? In any case, it says I am not protected. Off to Safari I go!

This is an issue with Norton not properly updating their wording on what versions of Firefox you need. But if you run live update, it will update norton and it'll work just fine in Firefox.

Thanks for your comments.

This is not good. I downloaded all the Norton updates. Continued to receive the Notice after opening Firefox. I then re-installed the entire Norton package. Still received the Notice. Have I made it clear that i am using Mac 10.6? Is this an issue? Who is issuing this Notice - Norton or Firefox? What is this business about Firefox 1.5? At this point, I am switching back to Safari. Let me know when Firefox upgrades.

I also just clicked on Norton, updated everything. Turned off and then restarted Firefox. the exact same message about my computer not being protected. Updating didn't do squat.

Is there no way to actually reach someone at Firefox? Or is posting on a board where consumers try to help each other, but no Firefox employee reads the messages, our only hope?

I'm using Safari exclusively until someone from Firefox presents a solution.

I'm a Mozilla Employee, and this is our official Firefox Support website :)

Just for clarification, Norton is the organization that needs to update their products to support Firefox 15, Mozilla can't do anything about that. As I posted earlier, Norton says they support Firefox 15. Now, if you are still having issues, you should try to contact Norton (it seems like their Mac edition of Norton is not updating properly).

Also, as I previously stated, updating Firefox and disabling the Norton toolbar is not going to affect your computer's security. Your Actual Anti-virus does not run in the browser, it runs on the computer even if Firefox isn't open. The Norton toolbar basically just duplicates features that Firefox already has built in (phishing, etc.). If you want to use it, it's fine, but it doesn't increase your security very much (if at all).

to Tylerdowner: I must apologize concerning the issue of which company wrote the warning notice You did indeed write about it earlier and I just forgot. I was so angry this morning about the whole situation. I have spent a lot of time trying get everything working and have totally failed. I cannot stand having a warning appear every time I open Firefox. I will just use Safari or Opera until Firefox or Norton get this straightened out. I thank you for your assistance.

I have some updated information about Norton Confidential.

It appears this is an old product that Norton killed off, which explains the out dated messages about Firefox 1.5. It has been replaced by Norton Identity Safe.

If you wish to continue using the Norton Confidential, you will have to uninstall Norton Confidential, and install Norton Identity Safe.

to SwitchingToSafari: As best as I can tell, somehow Norton seems to be lagging behind Firefox in this issue. At least as concerns the Mac. I think I will try upgrading my PC to see if things are any better there. I just don'f feel like putting in the effort. I cannot accept having a Notice come up every time I start Firefox, so I plan to use Safari or Opera until some upgrade appears.

Tylerdowner: thanks for clarifying that you are an employee of Mozilla. I guess I'm used to going to help chat rooms where the moderators from the company are ID'd as such :) I appreciate your comments. Like others here, though, I think I'll just stay switched to another browser, Safari in my case as I'm using a Mac. I don't have time to try to figure it all out -- I'm at work. And it's disconcerting to see a warning about my protection pop up every time I open Firefox. Mozilla and Norton will have to figure it out between them, business to business, and then perhaps email Norton customers with links to quickly and easily update. I'm just the consumer, and I'm swamped with my own work.

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