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Firefox 13.0.1 and script error and crash

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FF keeps crashing - script errors on pretty much every site. Reset FF and it does no good. Add ons disabled, all extensions updated. This just started happening within the past few days. No viruses. HELP!!!!!!!!!

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Actually, the article linked toward the end of that post gives steps and screen shots in much more detail than I could possibly type here. Check it out.

Hey guys, I have the same problem with firefox 13.0.1 and it seems that i notice the crashes only when i am browsing a select few sites.

for eg, every time i visit '' and click on any link, firefox crshes...i dont get any script error in version 13.0.1.

I have noticed these crashes in earlier version and then it used to happen when i browsed and clicked on user uploaded photos to view them. Then i used to get some kind of script error - script not responding, do you want to wait or terminate the script"...either way i had to forcefully shut FF down. I had temporarily shifted to chrome but with FFv13 update, things run smoothly for a while and then the crashes started happening again :(

@jscher2000, i have followed every step that you mentioned in this thread but my FF still crashes. Can you help more?

Hi motiwalamoiz, forwards me to -- same for you? Seems fine for me, but I'm blocking a lot of the ads using NoScript, so I'm probably not getting the full set of interactions from the site. Since it's after midnight here, I can't look at it in detail at the moment.

If you have done the reset, then you do not have any "Extensions" running. What Plugins are you running? You can find the list here:

orange Firefox button or classic Tools menu > Add-ons > Plugins

You also can see the list of your Enabled plugins on the PluginCheck page:

Which security software (firewall, anti-virus) do you have?


I think i found an solution (this might be temp one). Upon digging the net on this issue, i came to know that the latest version of flash - Version 11.3.300.262...doesnt cause crashing at all. I have tried visiting all the site i normally do and FF didnt crash once :)

All you got to do is reinstall the flash for FF (note, you might already be running the latest flash on your FF. I had it too) But upon a re-install my FF is working fine.

You can go to Add-on->plugins -> Click 'check for updates' -> click on the 'Shockwave flash' (even though it says up-to-date) -> download the latest version from Adobe website and install.

Hopefully this works for everyone :)

@jscher2000 - sorry bro, didnt see your reply before posting my second reply. Yes, directs me to

I am using ghostly, adblockerplus, HTTPSEverywhere, Perspectives as extentions. I am using standard plugins that get installed with every FF installation. Apart from these, there is a VLC web plugin. Thats all.

I dint do a reset of FF, just reinstalled the flash player for FF again.

@cor-el - I am using Microsoft security essentials as antivirus along with Comodo firewall. Running Windows 7 32-bit.

@cor-el, yes, i went through those links earlier. But then i stumbled upon some site which mentioned about upgrading the flash v11.3.257 to 11.3.300.262.

I did, and so far it is working.

Btw, did your FF crash as well with the flash v11.3?

OK, I narrowed it down to my spyware, firewall. Not sure which one. Can someone suggest how I figure it out? I have the following:

COMODO firewall and virus protection superantispyware malewarebytes windows defender fort knox firewall spybot search and destroy

I think its something in one of the firewalls. Is there a free program that will tell you which program is being called and hanging up? Not sure if that would narrow it down. Thanks!

I uninstalled comodo - no difference. Here is what one of the script errors says:

Script: resource:///components/nsBrowserContentHandler.js:679

OK, still the same problem without comodo. Ran processexplorer.exe and flash was hanging on page loads. Uninstalled the latest version and went to the 10 version. All seems to work now. When will this get fixed so that the newest version runs with FF?? Thanks again!

Hi tuatha, I don't think anyone knows the answer to when Flash 11.x will work for everyone. The .262 update solved the most severe crashing problem, but obviously some issues remain that only affects some users and some configurations. This has made it hard to track down and document the specific interactions.

I tried to start new profile run in safe mode, but problem is still present (pages takes few minute to load), problem is occuring mainly on pages with Google+1 button ;/

@DarkJaqb - please be considerate of the owner of this thread and Ask a Question for your problem which is quite different from the discussion going on in this thread (script errors and Firefox crashing),

Script error message on the increase in Zynga games. Blocks all internet activity. Blocks Firefox... message received that it is necessary to close Firefox, when Firefox is already crashed into the abyss. Problem has only started since the most recent edition of Firefox (13?)... now requires reboot. Impossible all the time.

Others I know have already abandoned Firefox and gone to Chrome.

Is it possible to install a previous version... i.e. Firefox 12 which did not have this inherent defect?

Hi Florriebelle, please start a new thread with your system information and add-ons listed.

As you go through the forms, help articles will be suggested. If they don't help, continue down to the bottom of the page to proceed to the next form.

Same here. It´s at it is now impossible to use FF. It keeps freezing all trhe time. The latest error was: Skript: .

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