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Can not view any videos on firefox.

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Anytime I want to view a video from within Firefox (YouTube or other) I am not able to view it. With YouTube I get the message "Error occurred. Please try again later." Other videos just give a blank page. I checked my plugins, they are all up to date. I am using Firefox version 13.0.1. I don't have this problem when I use other browsers such as IE. Any help would be appreciated.

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flash tends to have problems with new version. are there any drivers you need to update? also, please inform me what kind of plugins you have.

same problem. plugins: pic 1 pic 2

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Why would you need new drivers if the videos work with other browsers? This seems to happen with a lot of Firefox updates until they fix the issue.

I checked, all my plugins are up to date. I am not aware of any drivers that need to be updated. I am attaching three pages listing my plugins. Thanks for the help.

try an older version of firefox.

Sorry, but that's not a solution. The older versions of Firefox have security issues, that's why they put out a new version.

See madperson solution chosen in :

see also : cor-el solution chosen in :

thank you

ideato மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Thanks. I did try that already, and it still doesn't work. Besides, if it were a Flash issue, I'd think it wouldn't work in other browsers either.

it is possible that it is one of those compatibility problems with the newest flash. do you have newest flash? if so, there may be an issue relating to that . there is a link somewhere but it is buried in the endless folders of my hard drive.

I had the older Flash and it didn't work. I updated to the new one and that didn't help either.

I just tried madperson's solution (thanks, ideato) and that worked... turning off web download & recording in RealPlayer. But Firefox still needs to fix that so that we can use that feature in RealPlayer.

I just wanted to add another solution, if you want to keep the RealPlayer download button enabled. As "MozillaFirefox91" mentioned, it is a compatibility problem with the new version of Flash (11.3). (Apparently Internet Explorer uses an different plugin, so that is why it works with IE.)

But if you have the older Flash 11.2 and still have the problem, you have to uninstall Flash and then reinstall the 11.2 version. The instructions are here:

Takes a few minutes to download the programs, but it was pretty easy, and now the download button works in RealPlayer. Hopefully Firefox will fix the issue so that we can download the most recent Flash version.

Hi, I did the same thing. I downloaded the old Flash 11.2 to my desktop and went to the Flash website to download their uninstaller. Uninstalled the new Flash 11.3 and and installed the old version 11.2 in Firefox. Now the Real Player Download button works again. What is confusing is that apparently each browser's Flash works independently from each other. Right now I have the new 11.3 Flash in Chrome and IE and the Real Player Download button works fine. Firefox has the old Flash 11.2 until this problem is solved.

I tried doing the "turning off the Download & Recording in Real Player" and it also worked for Firefox but it was also affecting IE and Chrome. So I decided in the solution above.

Right, that's what happened to me too. And we should be able to use the download button in any browser. That's why I wanted to let everyone know about the second solution. It's still annoying to have to go through all that with almost every update Firefox puts through.

Thanks to all the replies. My problem was finally resolved. I followed the solution explained in:

Basically I had to uninstall my Real Player (I still do have Quick Time installed though). After uninstalling Real Player all my videos (YouTube and others) started playing OK.

which is exactly my issue why every time ff updates do we have to go through this? I know they must have people working on a solution but wouldn't it be better business to have these updates optional until all the kinks are worked out. Why get your customer base so upset when a solution is going to be coming down the pike anyway. I am so easily confused by this stuff as it is.

OK I followed these instructions and installed 11.2 and was able to watch movies , I reinstalled realplayer and enabled the downloader and I am right back at square one if I want to watch movies I am forced to deleat my downloader , what kind of solution is that? What step am I missing that allows you guys to still have the realplayer , please help I know I am new but I reeally want to make this thing work.

I wish I knew what to do to be able to have RealPlayer installed and things run smoothly. All I know is that when RealPlayer is installed my videos do not run with Firefox.

"Downgrade" to Flash 11.2 and re-enable the RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin extension from Tools then Add-ons then Extensions.

You can download the Flash 11.2 player form this link:

First uninstall the Flash 11.3 version, see:

thanks again

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