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How to select all text in the Location Bar when opening a new tab

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I changed browser.newtab.url to a website with links i often use. Now I've got the problem that I not always want to use one of those links. So when I start typing in the location bar the text is just added to the url of my chosen website. The problem would be solved, if the text in the address bar is selected every time when I open a new tab. (I could press every time crtl+a of course, but I'm used to just type)

Is there anything in the config I can change or an Addon?

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I had this same problem, but I was able to fix it by installing this add-on:

After installing, be sure to go to Add-ons, Extensions; click its Options button; and select Place focus in URL bar.

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That would be a good enhancement. I don't know whether there is a way to do it in Firefox 13 without an add-on (if one exists or could be created).

Incidentally, Ctrl+L is the general shortcut to focus the URL bar and select any existing URL. (At least on Windows it is...)

I've been using Firefox 9 since it came out, I don't like updating because there's always a new problem.

Well I just updated to Firefox 14 and now when opening a new tab the address bar has focus but for some useless and bazaar reason all the text is not selected.

This means one has to do some finger gymnastics just to start typing in the address bar on a new tab, which is probably the second most common thing I do after opening new tabs from a link.

This is so incredibly annoying, not just because of the inconvenience, but because what logic is there behind things like this.

Mozzyy மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Hi Mozzyy, by default the new tab address bar is blank. What are you displaying?

On Windows, Ctrl+L (L for Location Bar) is a consistent shortcut for selecting the current address, whether the cursor is in the address bar or not. For now, I think that's the best shortcut/workaround.

Hey jscher2000.

I have my own local html start page (with links to sites I commonly use with a search text box for a string and dropdown box to search certain sites etc). So basically on opening a new tab the URL is file:///D:/blablabla/Start.html. It seems as if since updating from v9 to v14 Firefox doesn't select all in the URL bar when it gets focus on opening a new tab. It either has to lose and regain focus or Ctrl+Shift+Home/Crtl+L (neither are fluent with the left hand on the keyboard and other on the mouse) before typing a few characters to go to a page I've been to in the past. The closet I can get to something workable is editing about:config so the search box has initial focus on a new tab then Shift+Tab to focus on the address bar, at least it's doable without juggling my hands but it's still annoying.

It probably sounds insignificant but I can no longer simply keep one hand on the mouse, gesture a new tab to open, then type a few letters to get the page going with my other hand on the keyboard. Something so simply now means having to switch between the keyboard and mouse and it's because it's something so simple and mundane that it's so annoying and it's a habit from using it like this for years (since about v3 or earlier).

I thought it might be the extension I was using (TabMixPlus) for the start page, but removing it and using about:config to define a start page also causes it. It seems as if someone has changed Firefox to no longer select all in the URL on a new tab if the URL has focus by default. I really don't get why some developers do things like this :( So far it seems whoever did this rendered browser.newtab.url useless, or at least a pain in the butt/useless.

So for me going back to v9 is a better solution rather than going through nonsense on ever other new tab. I knew I shouldn't have updated, there's always something with a new version of Firefox. I'm getting so tired of this, FF devs don't seem to keep consistency, poor form.

Even this site is inconsistent, creating a post you can only resize the text box downwards, though edit one and you can suddenly resize both horizontally and vertically,,, ARRRRGGGGGGG sigh.

Mozzyy மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Using the new tab button for purposes other than opening the internal about:newtab has some disadvantages.
When you use about:newtab to set a specific web page for a new tab and you use a website like Google that sets the focus to the search bar.
Then the focus is on the location bar, but the url is not selected and you can't get the focus on the Google search page (this does work with about:home).
Easiest to select all text on the location bar is to use Ctrl+A or Ctrl+L (Alt+D) or double-click the location bar by setting the browser.urlbar.doubleClickSelectsAll pref to true to get all text selected.

Hi Mozzyy, when I assign a newtab.url and open a new tab using Ctrl+t, the cursor is at the end of the URL with none of it selected at all. Not sure why you have a partial selection. ??

However, since the cursor is in a text editing control (in this case, the address bar), I can use Ctrl+A to select it, which is quite "fingerable" with one hand.

jscher2000 "Not sure why you have a partial selection. ??"

Sorry if I gave the wrong impression there I'm rather sleep deprived. The caret appears at the end of the URL with nothing selected.

As for the Ctrl+A /me smacks self in face with trout.

Maybe I'll have another look when I'm more awake and finally find a way to stop this.

I have a feeling this started with v13 since it looks like that's the version that had some start page/"New Tab page" feature introduced. That's likely when some bright spark stopped the almost universal behavior of selecting all text in a text box when it gets focus, here on a new tab opening. I really hope it was by mistake because the kind of dev that sees some code, goes "what's this doing here, we don't need that" without thinking and checking while going against the grain deserves to have one of those fly swatters from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy pop up and swat them as they're about to press delete.

Well, back to my sleep deprivation.

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I had this same problem, but I was able to fix it by installing this add-on:

After installing, be sure to go to Add-ons, Extensions; click its Options button; and select Place focus in URL bar.

[removed locale in link - c]

cor-el மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Thanks, that sorted it out. Much appreciated.

Hi Mozzyy, glad to hear it worked for you. If you visit this thread again, I think Rod should get the credit for the solution with his post:

I've removed the locale info and set rodspade's reply as the solution.

Just thought I'd report back. Unfortunately while at first that addon seems to work, it works to well on some sites. It will often, sometimes constantly give the URL address bar focus, which can result in having to repeatedly click the page to give it focus so one can scroll or otherwise interact with it.

When it does this it's even more annoying than Firefox and it's URL bar nonsense.

Also I don't consider an addon as a "solution" to what is a bug in newer versions of Firefox, unfortunately it's a bandage over something that needs to be fixed in Firefox itself. If addons were a solution to the accumulating bugs in Firefox with an addon for each it would become insane.

Hi Mozzyy, a "bug" was filed for this on May 22nd, but as you can read, there is some debate about the best behavior and it doesn't appear that a patch is imminent. Bug 757455 – [New Tab Page] Text in the URL bar is not selected when a new tab page is opened.

Thanks to all of you! The addon gets rid of my problem! :)