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why am suddenly unable to view YouTube Videos on Firefox. I am still able to view on Internet Explorer

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I am not able to view any YouTube videos on YouTube or Facebook whilst using Firefox. My Flash Player/Plugin/Shockwave Player & Javascript are all the most recent and all show as up to date and working. On selecting a video to view I now have a blank screen which I have right clicked on & notice there is an Adhoc Plus - Block Image message and wonder if this should be there as this is not the case when viewing through Internet Explorer (which still allows me to view all videos & shows that I have Flash Player installed when I right click on the same screen). I have uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled to see if this would solve the problem but this has made no difference. I have also noticed on my Firewall that Javascript is not showing as an Exception and changed this to find that this has made no difference either. I am now at a complete loss - can anyone help me please as I would like to keep using Firefox. Many thanks

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There are a number of active threads concerning the latest Flash player plugin (11.3) and the latest Firefox (13). Not all users are experiencing the same issues, but things to check include the following:

- Conflict with Realplayer Browser Record plugin (to disable this, open Add-ons from the orange Firefox button or the classic Tools menu and look under the Extensions and Plugins categories)

- Conflict with Flash 11.3 Protected Mode (see Adobe Forums: How do I disable Flash Player's protected mode for Firefox?)

Scanning down the front of the forums probably will yield additional suggestions:

Please post back with your results.

Thank you very much for your reply to my query. However this is all far to technical for me to follow and I really need to talk to someone who can walk me through this. Do Mozilla have a telephone helpline number for me to call please?

Many thanks

Changing the protection mode enabled videos immediately

Thank you for your reply cpdc2007. Please can you advise me how to do this

Hi, i clicked on the 1st link in jscher2000's post and followed the instructions. Go to start on windows and type C:\windows\syswow64\macromed\flash into the search programs, click on flash and then mms, open the mms file, if no programme is linked to it open with notepad. paste this ProtectedMode=0 and then save the file. Restart firefox and it should work. it shouldnt be used as a long term solution though

Hi guys - for me this helped. Close Firefox - open Internet Explorer - got to the Adobe Flash Player Site:

In IE you can see there is the 64-bit version - (in Firefox there was just the 32-bit version) - got to: (others)

choose your system and version download it via internet explorer and install the adobe flash player restart firefox and it should work. helped me after wasting one day of my life to find a solution, alle sites work just fine now. hope this helps.

Hi guys - thanks for your advice but I am afraid that after trying out various suggestions I am still in the same boat ie. can play videos on IE but not Firefox and as I have gone on to discover that there is no customer helpline number available for Firefox users I am now going to try using another browser - but thanks again for your offers of help

Hi margiepeace, you are correct that Mozilla doesn't have a call center. Mozilla and Adobe are working on a solution to this problem, so you might want to check back in a few days. In the meantime, we can assist with copying your bookmarks over to Internet Explorer favorites.

Another solution for margiepeace would be to reinstall the previous version of Adobe Flash Player. When the installation is completed it will default to installing new updates automatically but give 2 other options. It will be necessary to select the 2nd option "Tell me when new updates are available but let me choose when to download them."

thank you 7leagues but I get a message to say this is not a valid Win32 application when trying to download

to jscher2000 - again thank you but I do not wish to use IE as it is far too slow. I have now downloaded Coogle Chrome and everything works perfectly on that. I would however prefer to stay with Firefox and so would be grateful for any other suggestions that might resolve my query or advise on when a customer helpline might be put in place

margiepeace, the link I provided was for 64 bit versions of Windows. I'm sorry but I thought that was what you had. Here's the link for the 32 bit version.

Incidentally, the problem is not Firefox. It's the Adobe Flash player update that has the error in it. The next version should hopefully address this issue.

7leagues மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

margiepeace, Since you are using Windows XP then the suggestion to disable Firefox Protected Mode in Flash 11.3 wouldn't do any good, since this feature only works on Windows Vista and above.

Before downgrading Flash to an insecure version, try the other solutions given here:

thankyou to everybody who has come forward with a suggestion - but my laptop is completely knackared now. It crashed last night and I cannot access anything AT ALL now - everything is gone and I have had to come to my local library to check on emails. As it is I'm going on holiday tomorrow and cannot now get anything resolved until return - but thanks again everybody

Following the instructions found in the following "Troubleshooting Flash Player 11.3 when using Firefox with RealPlayer installed" YouTube video solved my problem immediately. Of course to see the video you'll have to use a non-Firefox browser if you're still unable to view YouTube videos :-)

same problem. since it's far easier to put up with internet explorer's inadequacies than to try to correct this technical problem, i am verrrrry reluctantly leaving firefox. thanx for all the technical mumbo jumbo.

Hi psycny, I agree that reading other peoples' threads can be very bewildering because it's all out of context. If you start your own question you can get more specific assistance.

OMG jscher2000 THANK YOU! :-) I've been going absolutely crazy w/ videos unable to play in Firefox! I am soooooo grateful I found your post! Your recommendation for the "Conflict with Flash 11.3 Protected Mode (see Adobe Forums: How do I disable Flash Player's protected mode for Firefox?" worked perfectly!

My Deepest Gratitude, MissK

MissK மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது