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Since updating to Firefox 13 Flash does not work completely

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Since updating to Firefox 13 flash partially works but in many instances doesn't completely work. Youtube still works but on many other sites flash elements don't completely load or parts don't work. Flash works perfectly in safe mode but I've tried a complete uninstall and reinstall starting with a clean profile with no addons where flash still demonstrates the same problem.

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When visiting a website I also get two identical named instances of Flashplayer Plugin appearing in my task manager instead of the usual plugin container


please see this thread and scroll down to the very last post for a solution.

Thanks. --Tobbi

Seeing more Flash processes in the task manager is the consequence of Adobe adding protected mode to Flash player 11.3.

See also:

Following those instructions I've got plugin container back, however flash still isn't correctly working on some sites. Some elements do not show up however on other sites flash works correctly. For instance which has a flash interface just shows as a black screen for me and the flash box on just shoes white space, however right clicking on it shows the normal flash menu. Other sites such as youtube work perfectly.

Hardware acceleration on or off makes no difference.

Is there anything showing disabled in the right-click context menu of the Flash object like movie not loaded that indicates a problem?

You can also try to clear the Flash local storage and settings.

  • Windows Control Panel > Flash Player, click Delete All and Delete Data

Flash Website Storage Settings panel:

Global Storage Settings Panel:

Right click shows the standard flash context menu zoom, play settings and so forth. Clearing the cache has made no difference.

Flash not working for me on update to Fx14beta. Tobbi's thread above worked for me. AliceWyman's referral to Adobe forum -

Come on Firefox/Adobe get your act together. This is ridiculous!

Correction: it is the Flash update that causes the problem.

alan_r மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Based on some of the comments here I disabled and re-enabled various video related plugins one at a time. The new Adobe updates appear to not be playing nice with Real Player.

I installed Firefox 13 and flash videos on many sites quit working. I have uninstalled and reverted back to version 12, but I still can't get videos back.

I have found that disabling the Real Player plugin fixes the problem.

I had this same problem. Flash was working but sites using flash storage were not. It turned out to be related to the Flashblock plugin. Previously, it seems, flashblock blocked on flash videos but was not blocking direct use of the flash storage. This seems to be no longer the case. I had to manually add the site in question to the flashblock whitelist. This fixed the problem for me.

Unfortunately my website uses the storage in this way, so anyone who uses flashblock must now know to whitelist my site. Or I need to completley change how I store my data.  :(

I tried disabling Real Player as suggested, that didn't help. I don't seem to have the flashblock plugin.

I dropped back to the previous version of Flash which is working flawlessly again. Not an ideal solution but nothing else has fixed the problem.

Please tell me the way I can get videos to work again after downloading Mozilla 13 for windows 7. Why would this happen? I need some easy solid answers...not guesses. Have any of you succeeded in conquering this dilemma?

Firefox 13 reported that I should update Flash. Once I did this, flash no longer worked. So I dropped back down to the previous version and all is well again.

Thanks for your response bob52rr. I'm looking all over these forums and so far there seems to be no answers. I keep googling for a remedy to this problem. Has Firefox messed this up. We are talking about flash player, and Real player but this began when downloading the new Mozilla. It reminds me of the Google toolbar not being compatible with new Mozilla. Maybe Mozilla isn't the best browser. please let me know if there's an answer to this. try Google chrome browser. It doesn't have these difficulties, and there's no need for a toolbar.

I gave you the answer. Did you read it? You'll have to wait for the latest Flash to be compatible with the latest Firefox. Just like you do with many of the add-ons. In the meantime, uninstall the latest Flash and reinstall the previous Flash build.

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