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Firefox is freezing everytime I do something, like opening a link in a new Tab. I have this problem since I updated to FF6.

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It feels like FF is loading something and freezes. I have only four Addons installed:

  • Adblock Plus
  • All in One Sidebar
  • Firebug
  • Web Developer

Even when scrolling down a page it happens sometimes. It just freezes and I have to wait... I don't have this problem with the IE and Chrome.

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I have the same problem. Every since my update this morning or last night to 6.0.1, it will randomly freeze up for about 15 seconds, and it does it about 4-5 times randomly by the hour it seems... I only have one add-on - adblock plus. Disabling it didn't help either.

I've had this problem since we've patched to FireFox 5.0.0. It's only gotten progressively worse with 6.0.1. I'm beginning to wonder if Microsoft is sabatoging windows updates to attack Firefox or if Mozilla missed something in the code. My money's on Microsoft being at fault.

I get the freezing too. It's horrible. Mozilla needs to fix this FAST!

+1 to having this problem - only since upgrading to 6.0.1 - seems to be when I have multiple tabs open but other than that I haven't noticed any other common causes

Since the update to FF 6.1 on a Mac (even before Lion), FF is slow to even open. Opening additional tabs can be painful.

Frequently I will type an email in gmail and discover that my fingers are days ahead of FF, and when FF catches up, all I have is gibberish and have to delete and start over.

It's becoming a real hinderance to productivity.

When are they going to fix this. I'm freezing up every 15 to 20 minutes now. Why are you not fixing this problem?!?!?!?!!?

Ditto here. Started with FF 5, but now it is even worse in FF 6.0.1. Someone on another forum suggested turning off "hardware acceleration", which I did, but no improvement. Every few minutes it freezes-up, and won't let me do anything for about 10 to 20 seconds or so, and sometimes it just freezes-up for good. I can't even close the program. I have to open the control panel and kill the process tree from there. And even then, when I re-start FF, it is still in frozen mode. I have to kill the process and restart another couple of times until I'm given the option to start a new session.

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FF6 has the same issue here. Every 10 to 15 minutes my computer will freeze up and I must close the program and restart. This is a real pain. Please fix this soon.

Well, today they put out the 6.0.2 update and this is still not fixed. It's making me crazy. I can't watch streaming videos because it freezes and then I have to start all over again. It just froze while I was typing this. Mine does it almost every 5 to 10 minutes. I'm about to rip out my hair. I am hoping for a fix soon.

I fixed my problems quickly and easily:

FireFox 6 is clearly problematic for many of us. So much so I was ready to change browsers as much as I would hate to give up my collection of FF extensions. So, as a last ditch thing I could to try and hopefully salvage FF, I decided I'd try to go back to a version of FireFox that had worked well for me and my wife.

I did determine that going back to FF 5.0 is really quite easy and apparently safe as I have now done it on Win7 64bit Pro, Windows Vista (Laptop) and on a friends old XP system.

In none of these cases, did I first uninstall FF 6. I simply found and downloaded FF 5.0 and double clicked the exe file. It installed as an update (but of course it was not) quickly and trouble free. When I next opened FF it was version 5.0 .... and everything was working perfectly again. I didn't even need to reboot.

Given how easy, fast and seemingly safe going back to version 5.0 was, it may be something you would want to consider on your system. I have ( on Win 7) as has my wife ( on Vista) been rolled back to 5.0 for over a week now and since that time, FF has once again been totally trouble free. Zero issues or problems.

When is this going to be fixed? Mine has been doing this for over a week and I'm wigging out. I tried other browsers for temporary use and they totally suck. I need my Firefox!

Hello, i had exactly the same problem. After reading the backroll about FF5, i've uninstalled FF6.0.2, deleted the map Mozilla in my Program Files and REINSTALLED FF6.0.2.

Guess what? It doesn't freezes anymore... Hope it lasts... This does mean, i DO NOT know the cause of this problem and the "proper" solution, but reinstalling helped me, hope it does for you guys too!

I found a fix that worked for me..... I disabled Foxy Proxy and I have no more issues.

This has been happening to me for about a week now. About every 10 minutes firefox decides to run one of my cpu cores to 100% for 10-15 seconds. I dont even have to be interacting with FF for this to occur. If I try to interact with it during this time it instantly freezes up. 6.0.2 didn't help at all and maybe even made this error occur more frequently. At this point I can barely even use FF on my laptop. Works perfectly fine on my desktop though.

I have a similar problem. FF6 hangs on many sites when I try to open them. I've tried both 6.0.1 and 6.0.2 and both are problematic. I've gone back to FF5 which works just fine. Hope they get this fixed soon. This is one site that does not load well at all:

And here I thought I was the only one having these issues..

This is also happening to me! Super aggravating!! I'm going to try installing 5 again and hope that it works!!

Uhm, people, before you reinstall FF5, pls try reinstalling FF6 like i mentioned above. If that doesn't work, then try FF5.

Thanks Atoyr, but I did try your solution and it did not fix the problem. ???

For me, Firefox freezes up every time I try to open a tab in a new window. Every time. Ergh. Thanks for the reinstall suggestions... I'll try 6 again and then backtrack to 5 if it's not fixed.

Anyone know if there's a compatibility problem with RoboForm? That's the only thing I use with Firefox that I can see might be a problem.

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