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Printing problems. Missing 2nd page or wrong scale.

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When I try to print a web page ie an article from the NY Times or other newspaper, the first page prints properly with correct scale then the 2nd page is either blank or comes out in double or triple scale so that much of the page is missing. I have tried with both "Ignore Scaling" checked and unchecked. As an end-run, I chose a very small font and when the entire article is printed on one page, it comes out correctly. Just the 2nd and 3rd pages are affected. I have already downloaded another copy of Firefox 6.0.1 and have replaced printer drivers. I am using Mac OS 10.6.8 on a MacBook Pro.

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I have the same problem; I noticed it only does it when I adjust the scale to less than 100% in the page setup dialog box.

What did you do to fix it, JCEJackson?

Running Mac OS X 10.5.8 using Firefox 6.0.2 print to PDF first page scales correctly with header, all subsequent pages scale incorrectly and are cut off at top of page. Checking or unchecking "Ignore Scaling and Fit to Print" has no effect. Switched back to Firefox 5.0.1 and all pages scale correctly.

What do you mean by "solved"? This does not help very much...

> I have the same problem; I noticed it only does it when I adjust the scale to less than 100% in the page setup dialog box.

YESSS!!! GRREAAT I had this problem for such a long time.... You solved it! Thanks!

I'm on Firefox 9.0 for Mac and have no desire to go all the way back to FF 5. Any other thoughts on how to solve this? A fix from Mozilla perhaps??? If this has been happening since version 6 it's about time we got a fix. It's ultra-annoying, as I scale my printouts all the time.

I just noticed this same problem also occurs in Thunderbird 8.0.

Where and how do I access the "page setup dialog box?"

9.0 on FireFox Desktop prints and previews all web pages at wrong scale. Page Set Up changes do not affect it. All other Applications on this desktop print fine so it is not the printer. It started happening when 9.0 was pushed on to my machine.

Fell back to FF 4.2 and web printing works fine. SO, 9.0.1 - guilty of messing up web print and previews

gadgetguy2k மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Indeed. Running 12.0 for about a week now, on 10.6.8, (after using 3.0 for years and years), and I get this all the time. Just go to any website and print it, and when scaled to e.g., 80%, second and subsequent pages are way too big. (Seemed to be anchored at the lower left.)

Ok - it works with scale set to 100%. But it is not a solution, since in both cases you have a edit the pdf-file afterwards, which is time consuming and annoying!

I'm back to 3.x. As much as I would like to upgrade to a newer Firefox, it doesn't print correctly when scaled to anything but 100%, and all of the other browsers I've tried (mac) have some limitation that are just a bit more annoying (Safari seems to be the only other one that prints backgrounds properly (sorry Chrome), but its scaling seems to squeeze to the left, for example).

This and newer Firefoxes for quite some time don't allow QuickTime Player 7 to be configured when playing QT .mov files. (I've since moved on to Safari to take care of this, but it's debugger isn't quite a refined as Firebug, but does get the job done.)

So 2 things that just plain don't work in Firefox the sequels means 3.x for me, although printing is the biggest NO GO by far right about now, since I pretty much need to print things properly scaled many times a week.

Come on Firefox, win me (back) as user of your latest and greatest, fix some of your nasty bugs.

PS -> Is there any way to actually report bugs like this, or are we just limited to griping about them in some apparently ignored help section? Never mind, I found it... in order to use it though you have to have the latest version installed and running. Bugger that, as they say in the UK.

fdmx மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

I am running OSX 10.6, and My Dad is running 10.7. We are both using Firefox 12.0 and we both have this problem. We go to File > Page Setup, and set Scale to 150%. Then we got to File > Print, and either Preview or Print. The first page will print correctly at scale 150% but all subsequent pages are scaled down to 100%. In essence, scaling is ignored on all but the first page. Ralph

I solved it this way:

The first couple of steps were useless, but the third step: "Reset all Firefox printer settings" did it.

Just follow the instructions. Make sure you backup the prefs.js file just in case something goes wrong. In my case there were lots of lines with "print" that had to be deleted including one suspicious one that had hundreds of lines of apparent nonsense code in it.

I tried "Reset all Firefox printer settings" as suggested - and restarted Firefox, but the problem persists. page scale 70% - first page is scaled correctly - all following pages are scaled wrong. I use Firefox 13.0.1. Mac OS 10.6.8; 2x3GHz Quad-core Intel .....

Hmm. I'm not an expert but it worked for me. Are you sure you deleted EVERY line that had "print" in it, and properly resaved the file in it's original location (I.e. not the backup version?).