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Make "Bookmark This Page" Top Entry In Bookmarks Menu?

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"Bookmark This Page" used to be the top entry in the Bookmarks menu but in Firefox 6 it has been moved further down. I've found that when I bookmark a page I don't really look at the menu and automatically click the first item, which is now "Show All Bookmarks". I therefore end up bringing up the bookmarks Library about five times per day, which is very annoying.

"Bookmark This Page" is by far the most commonly used entry in the bookmarks menu so I was wondering if there's any way to move it back to the top?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Use CTR + D shortkey for Bookmark This Page

Check and tell if its working.

I think you will need to enter some code somewhere to change the menu order. However i don't know much about codes :-P

Thanks for your suggestion, but I'd rather find a solution to the menu layout problem.

With an application like a word processor I prefer to use keyboard shortcuts because both hands are already on the keyboard. However, browsing the web is primarily done using the mouse. I therefore find it far more convenient to use the menu item to bookmark a page since my hand is already on the mouse.

Install this:

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Right-hand on the mouse and use your left hand to do {Ctrl + D}??

I also use keyboard shortcuts for everything I can, and that's how I handle it with a web browser.

Otherwise, later this evening when cor-el makes his appearance, he can probably help with the CSS code to move that menu item up to the top.

Sorry, the Menu Editor extension won't help, it was never updated for any Firefox 3+ version for the new bookmarks / history system that was instituted in Firefox 3. Other menus it works for, just not the Bookmarks and History menus. Not Implemented Yet.


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SafeBrowser, thanks a lot for directing me to the Firefox Menu Editor. It'll be incredibly very in the future, but at the moment it says "Not implemented yet" when you select the Bookmarks menu.

It's great for editing the other menus and I've already used it to move a few options around, so thanks again for the tip.

After coming back and reading the-edmeister's comments about Menu Editor, I found the forum on the developer's site for Menu Editor. And I found a post in the forum that Menu Editor may break or negatively impact "Spell check" suggestions/words:

Sorry that I did not know about all the problems. Maybe you should reconsider and not use Menu Editor. Read some posts in the forum and it causes other problems and has some possible conflicts with some other Extensions.

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See also:

Thanks a lot cor-el. Sorry, I didn't find that question when I searched.

That seems to put "Show All Bookmarks" at the bottom of the Bookmarks menu when I was rather hoping to just move it to the second item. I changed it to:

  1. bookmarksShowAll { display: none !important; }

and got rid of it completely. I'll just have to remember the Ctrl+Shift+B shortcut for when I need it.

SafeBrowser, thanks for letting me know about that. I've removed Menu Editor as advised.

I've read through this thread and couldn't find an answer to the initial question. Has a solution been found that simply moves "Bookmark This Page" to the top, without affecting the other bookmarks? I might be missing something.

Also, just a suggestion that's been made a lot lately: it'd be nice if Firefox maintained the user flexibility it had had in the past -- allowing us to customize -- especially in cases where changes made to accommodate some users (e.g., "I want 'Show All Bookmarks' on top") have frustrated others of us. I want to continue to stand by Firefox, especially against Google. Please continue to woo me.

Menu Editor 1.2.7

Check and tell if its working.

@bbgrbr, cor-el posted a solution here:

That gets "Bookmark This Page" to the top, but the disadvantage is "Show All Bookmarks" ends up at the very bottom of your bookmarks menu. I personally chose to hide it completely "Show All Bookmarks" since having it at the bottom got in the way.

Mozilla never should have moved "Bookmark This Page" in the first place, and if they did they should have provided an option so it could be repositioned back to the top. It's probably worth giving them feedback about this if you haven't already:

Hopefully if enough people complain they'll add an option to move "Bookmark This Page" back to the top.