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Back Button - Why does it go back a FRAME (framed pages) instead a PAGE ?

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In a "framed" site, the Back button causes the display going back one frame, following back goes back another frame, 3 framed page needs 3 backs to finally beeing back on previous page. Why ? Error in page setup or in handling of FF? Rgds Jordi

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When you click on a link in a frame, Firefox loads that new page. Since a new page is loaded, the previous page is added to the history. The back button just goes to the most recent page in the history even if it is a frame.

Not quite what i mean. Have a page consisting of 3 frames. The Main (Heading) is loaded when called. This is inserting the 2 remaining frames by "parent.frames["Startseite"].location.href = url; " (same func for 3rd frame). After that there are 3 history entries! (see the back button right click). Its a bit irritating. Am looking for a way to avoid this. (Suppose this is the reason for 3x backclick). need this for easy changing language. Jordi

This seems like a bug to me. In FF3 the back-navigation in framesets does prefectly good. In FF4 the top-frame navigates wrong

Our issue (not sure if this is the same underlying issue) is that, in a 3-framed frameset, when either right clicking a particular frame and choosing Back, or using a javascript command to go back like...


... it doesn't work. I am not quite sure what it is trying to do... but in our case it seems to skip a page (as if we did a history.go(-2)). This doesn't happen in IE nor in previous versions of FF including 3.x.

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Seems to be the same (bug?) as I have. Thanks for answering, so I dont feel so lonesome.....

This is clearly a heavy bug in FF4, and now also continued in FF5. The typical "main" window on the right side, within a frameset, is not going back when using the Back function, when this window is targeted from any JavaScript in the menu in the window on the left (or top) side.

If a "main" window is targeted instead by plain HTML, or out of an Applet, the back function in FF4 and FF5 behave correctly.

This bug can be verified by querying anything from a site like

All websites using JavaScript based frameworks this way won't work correctly anymore in FF4 and FF5.

Thus, when the menu in a left frame is JavaScript driven, FF4 and FF5 don't now about its history anymore. This worked in FF3 and it is perfectly working in all other browsers. This serious bug will force users of any JavaScript based menu in a website to switch to one of these other browsers.

Its not clear to me whether the JavaScript engine does something wrong, or whether FF4 and FF5 itself are not keeping track correctly. What is clear, however, that this basci functionality was broken somewhere between FF3 and FF4.


They don't care about this. The problem is still there even in FF9 alpha....