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How to revert to firefox 3.6? Firefox 4 does not work with plugins

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I have updated to firefox 4. Several plugins do not work such as McAfee Security but Windows Media Player plugin does not work. I have uninstalled firefox 4 and Media Player plugin. I reinstalled everything but the Media Player plugin failed again. The screen just remains blank. The blank screen occurs when testing Media Player using the Mozilla test link. I would like to go back to firefox 3.6 since I cannot use firefox 4 with all the problems but I cannot find any archived versions.

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Thank you. Firefox 3.6 is now working for me with everything I need.

I liked many of the new features and even the feel of Firefox 4.0 but I think that version 4.0 should be in Beta testing due to missing functionality.

Much agreed; 4.0 is the first time I can recall where something that was touted as 'X times faster' was very definitely visibly faster, but it seems to still have a number of upper level (i.e. easily found, not obscure) issues and incompatibilities which should be addressed before full release.

While I do like the extended flexibility in toolbar customization it adds, naturally we'll all have to deal with the usual 'viciously rearrange your world just for kicks' stuff that designers have done, too, i.e. drop-down option 'open in a new tab' is now the top choice, not second where you are used to, and initializing with tabs at the top- that was a strange one.

The firefox 4 releases has so many faults it's not funny. It is so bad that it hurts Firefox's reputation and does no favours to the Open source ideals. I think that the firefox developers need to recall the download and be very upfront about the problems - not seen any sort of apology for the mess they have caused!! I have downloaded the previous version 3 but am worried if deinstalling will loose any of my cookies, I can save my bookmarks. If there are any idesa abour cookies I would welcome them.

I have had a terrible time with FF4. It is SO not ready to use yet! I had no idea it was beta! Bloody crap more like.

have just been made to look a right fool because of Firefox 4. My boss now thinks I cannot access a simple email! He was having issues with IE and his homepage had been hijacked, so I installed Firefox (forgetting it automatically installed the newest version) and it was horrible. The stupid browser won't open the Tiscali email in-box for some reason and it made it look like I had done something wrong, but it works perfectly well on my computer which runs the latest Firefox 3.6. I downloaded 4 for home use because I thought it would be even better, but it was truly awful and I erred by downloading it for my boss, thinking it would make his internet use better! Now I had to uninstall loads of rubbish from his IE browser and reset it all.

All the buttons have moved, the tabs are in the wrong place and it is unresponsive! Why on earth have they trashed Firefox!

To get back on track with my home browser, all I did was reactivate the install of Firefox 3.16.6 (I kept the install file luckily) and it overwrote the horrible Firefox 4 and all was back to normal. All my bookmarks and quicklinks were still in place.

I think it is full of bugs, and my recommendation is to search for Firefox three, and (without un-installing Firefox 4) run the install file as normal to revert to your previous (much better and fully working) browser. It worked for me. If Mozilla force Firefox 4 on me I will switch to Google Chrome or IE. It is HORRIBLE. Mozilla what were you thinking! Sort your act out!!!!! Don't fix what is not broken!

You can install any earlier versions of Firefox from the link below.

Download Firefox 3.6.16 here and get back to being able to use your web browser until they sort the darn bugs out! I am sure eventually they will have sorted out the issues of 4 so it is working again. But seriously, 4 is one bad, ugly browser!

Since downloading Firefox 4 I cannot use 'the Windows media player that came as part of windows 7.. I have removed and re installed the plug in. The media player is not the problem since it works with explorer. My real player works with firefox 4, but not every time. I have been trying to listen to earnings calls from companies, and get no sound with media player and firefox 4. I was able to do this with 3.6. The only workaround I found is to use explorer for those calls. Sometimes I can choose to use real player when using 4, and that also works , although I sometimes have to try two or three times to get a connection. Other glitches I have noted: When using google search engine, when I type in a few letters, the destination shows up below the box, but when I click on it, nothing happens. I have to type in the full address in the search box to get the search to work. I much preferred 32.6 when after a few letters you could see the destination and click on it to get the search started. I also noted that on a company's website, under investor information, companies would have a presentation, and that presentation would not play with firefox 4.. I worked around this by choosing a different presentation default. How exactly do you present these problems to Moziilla? Does anyone read these messages from the company? Here they have a real problem. The new version does not work with a component that is installed in every windows 7 machine. It is a real pain to have to use a different browser every time I want to listen to an earnings call for a company. This is not a problem for volunteers. The bugs like the windows media problem, the google search box problem, and the presentation problem need patches from the developers of firefox, or a general recall and change back to what was working well, if a little slower.

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I tried to install 3.6. using windows seven. I had to remove firefox 4 before I could reinstall 3.6. Once I did this I had to use chrome to re install firefox. Therefore, make sure you have another working browser before trying to re install 3.6. Also since you lose your bookmarks make sure you can get back to the file hippo or other download resource. Once I got 3.6 back I can use windows media player and the problem with the google search box went away. I can now click on the destination when it comes up after a few key strikes. Since firefox says it will only support 3.6 for a short time, we will have a problem if they don't fix 4 before forcing everyone to use it.

jessbee மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

FF4 does not work for me with much of ANYTHING. After a solid week of crashes, counterintuitive UI changes, annoyingly nannyesque new security popups and obsoleted add-ons, I'm bailing. I'll reinstall 3.6.16 and keep an eye on forums. If these problems haven't been solved by the time 3.6 support ends I'm switching to Chrome.

New? Apparently. Improved? Apparently not.

Was upgraded to 3.616 and then 4 without realizing what nightmares they were. Need to revert to 3.615 so that every thing works correctly again. Why did they change thing and move stuff where it drives you crazy to look for it? Please help me find the download for 3.615

Firefox 3.6.x can be found here:

Firefox 4.0 is the biggest vessel of fertilizer I have ever seen! This 'product' (and I use the term EXTREMELY loosely) should never have been foisted upon an unsuspecting public. If the development team for Firefox cannot figure out how to implement version 4.0 with a compatibility mode for 3.x plug-ins and add-ons, then they have no business calling themselves developers. I do this for a living and if one of my teams turned out a product that was this bad, heads would be rolling!!!

FF4 is nothing but trouble for me, besides not responding to every click you make in the browser, my plugins are crasing ie:adobe flashplayer on youtube videos. I also found that (Divx service manager update) makes the program crash on this version the exact the same way as 3.6 simply stop the service and it resumes to normal activity. I think i will be switching back swiftly myself to 3.6 and i too will be switching browsers to chrome if its not fixed by the support end of 3.6..

Would you please tell me if all I need to do to dump FF4.0 is go to and install it?

 Will I keep all my bookmarks, email addresses, etc.  I'm running Windows 7.

I have Windows Vista SP2 & found Javascript wouldn't work with Firefox 4, probably due to add-ons, I have Noscript, Addblock & Quickjava. Quickjava doesn't work with Firefox 4, so perhaps it was set to disallow java before it was upgraded, and then I would have no way to turn it back on. Worst was not being able to activate internet banking. What l I did was re-install Firefox 3.6 (still in my downloads folder from 6 months ago) over Firefox 4, and then updated to 3.6.16. I didn't uninstall Firefox 4 first because I didn't want to risk losing all my add-ons and settings. I just hope all will now be OK.

I installed Firefox 4.0 and lost all my saved buttons, my toolbars, etc. I hate the placement of things (esp. the tabs at the top of the window)! Why change to something so different? People want to see what they are used to, not have to go searching for stuff in the "latest and greatest" verson.

I tried to revert back to 3.6 and now it constantly freezes up on me. I can't find the link again to reinstall it. I'm so frustrated. I agree with others when they say 4.0 should have been beta tested first! I hope I can find where the 3.6 is so I can use it. I prefer Firefox over IE, but not with all the troubles I've had the past few days.

I agree, I love using Firefox over IE, but version 4 just isn't ready to be released at this time - just too buggy. I'm sure that it will be great at some point in the future, but for example, I can't stand using Yahoo as the default browser - horrible. So it's back to version 3.6 for now.

Not a total loss Firefox people. The problem is not the entire browser. It is obvious that a great deal of changes have been made for the better on the side of mechanics and abilities. It is fast and smooth, BUT. The extent that people were able to personalize their Firefox experience was so ingrained, that if the browser was changed even for the better and was not able to bring along that experience, it was going to be seen as junk.

Firefox- Hey, we traded your old Porsche and gave you a newer one. Me- Wow, that sounds great. Firefox- Yeah, its way faster, has a sick new turbo engine, and ceramic breaks. Me- Awe that sounds amazing Firefox. Firefox- Oh yeah man, it is... but the headlights, power seats, heater, a/c, power steering and wipers don't work. The stereo plays only polka music. Me- The what now? Firefox- You're gunna love it, its so fast and smooth. Way better than that old one.

Please, take some more time, make all those add on s and personalization s work, some how. We'll wait, we are patient, and apparently very happy with your last effort. Time is on your side.

I've got my fingers crossed.

Right on!!! It's not just about the innards. It's the USER INTERFACE, people! And when you get people used to working efficiently you don't change it without warning. As soon as I saw the tabs move away from the top of the screen, I felt uhoh...I was an enthusiastic more. If 3.6 support goes away (and I still use a nice stable XP Pro system...if it ain't broke...) I will move over to IE or Chrome. Firefox used to be an exhileration, not an annoyance. Turn off the polka music!!! Give me back my regular radio buttons...don't really care that the car goes a scinch faster...I want to enjoy my comfortable ride!

Thanks for the link!

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Gone back to 3.6

Actually, I *like* the new interface just fine. What I don't like is the crashing, the inability to download .pdf files without an error message ("file is damaged and cannot be repaired") and the hangs. When these things are fixed I'll try again. 'till then...

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