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Firefox will not allow page printing since today's update. Why? I can still print from Thunderbird and I.E.

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do I expect to get a solution to this problem?

I re installed Firefox 3.6.12 and get the same result. It will not allow me to print a page. When I pull down print preview all I get is a grey screen. Help!

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தீர்வு தேர்ந்தெடுக்கப்பட்டது

Sometimes it is necessary to Reset all the prefs for the printer that isn't working correctly, prefs for other printers shouldn't need to be reset.

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I uninstalled v3.6.12 and installed the new beta 4. Same problem. Noow I am back to 3.6.12 and the problem persists. Thisp roblem only occurs with Firefox. Not Thunderbird or Internet exploer.

Safari prints also. How about a little help here!!!

How about a little patience? Sometimes it takes more than an hour to get an answer.

When you initiate printing with {Ctrl + P} is your printer selected in the Printer - Name box at the top?

Thanks for the response. Sorry if I seem impatient. This is the first time I have done this. Yes. Correct printer. Then ejects a blank sheet of paper. As I said, printing works fine in all other programs except Firefox (including all other browsers on this computer)

Well I had high hopes for this one, but no cigar. The exact symptoms I get are as follows: When there is a Firefox page I wish to print I go to File and pull the drop down menu. I click print preview and get only a gray screen. Of course if I click print I get a blank page. I tried the reset procedure above to no avail.

Well now when I look for print print printer it is gone and when I try to print firefox doesn't seem to know there is a printer. So now I have another problem.

Is your printer still selected in the Printer - Name box?

If not, can you select it and print?

After I did the print.print.printer reset and re booted Firefox the entry print,print.printer was gone. It is no longer there. Firefox no longer knows there is a printer connected to the computer. The printer still works fine in all other applications. Now how do I get Firefox to recognize the printer again?

When I tried to print this page by using print from the drop down menu in "File" I get a message that says Firefox can't print this. Then the normal print window appears and when I click on this, a message "printing" appears and a blank page is ejected from the printer.

Now when I go to about:config print.print.printer has returned with the correct name of my printer, but Firefox will still not allow printing of a page.

When you did the reset, did clear all the print.printer preferences, or just the main pref - print.print_printer ? Sometimes they all need to be reset.

Just the main print.print.printer entry. There are 113 other print .printer entries. Are you saying I should reset all of them?

தீர்வு தேர்ந்தெடுக்கப்பட்டது

Sometimes it is necessary to Reset all the prefs for the printer that isn't working correctly, prefs for other printers shouldn't need to be reset.


You are great. I was really afraid I would have to abandon Firefox which I have been using for years. Thanks for your help and patience.


You're welcome. I look forward to the day that Mozilla writes all new print-related code so we don't have to deal with problems like this.

Thanks again. I just don't know what caused this to happen.


I have reset all printer lines - still will not print anything page or even selection

This worked quickly and easily! Thank you!


Since I jumped to Firefox 3.6.12, I was unable to print or preview anything but blank pages from various WebSites. IE8 prints these perfectly... :-/

My problem was solved just by selecting, in my (French Language Interface) FireFox Tools > Outils > Options > Contenu , Polices et Couleurs, Police par Défaut, the value Times New Roman instead of the preset value Roman.

Don't ask why. When I put it back to Roman, it kept printing blank pages ! So, I reset the field to Times New Roman and it works fine : no need to use IE8 for printing those Web screens anymore !


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