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I already use X-Marks, how is Sync different/better?

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I don't know how to make the query any clearer...

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Sync does synchronization of far more types of data that Xmarks does. Plus Sync is built in to the upcoming Firefox 4.0 version, no need to install an extension.

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They perform a very similar function. Sync will be built into Firefox 4, so there will be no need to use an extension.

Sync is just for Firefox, and Xmarks works with other browsers.

தீர்வு தேர்ந்தெடுக்கப்பட்டது

Sync does synchronization of far more types of data that Xmarks does. Plus Sync is built in to the upcoming Firefox 4.0 version, no need to install an extension.

Thank you! I will be using Sync from now on and tell my friends about it. They're using FF and X-Marks on my recommendation as it is. Your answers were very helpful:-)

X-marks allows you to set up different sync profiles, Firefox sync doesn't. Unfortunately X-marks is shutting down.

I use Xmarks and am sad too see that it will be shutting down. Is there anything that will enable me to import my Xmarks bookmarks into Firefox Sync?

You do not need to import the Xmarks bookmarks into Firefox Sync. Firefox Sync will use the Firefox bookmarks from your computer, and that should be exactly the same bookmarks that Xmarks has synchronized.

So, what happens if my bookmarks are destroyed on my computer? Are they then replaced automatically? Or does the next Sync process erase them on your server? How would I recover the bookmarks if they are lost?

Firefox Sync, though it can be used as a backup, is mainly intended for synchronizing different computers/Firefox profiles. You can treat it as a backup and restore the data from the Sync servers.

You should not just rely on Firefox Sync and should be backing up all of your important data and documents so that you can recover them in the event of data loss.

Sync does allow multiple sync profiles, but the data is completely separate in each sync profile.

TWO BIG difference very very important:

1) Xmarks has his site where you can go from other browser too (when you are away and on other pc you can install NOTHING), you can see all own bookmarks in the xmarks site after login! Very very nice! And now??

2) Changing any bookmarks in firefox, xmarks notices it and, when you close firefox, it syncs automatically. Very pretty!

So to be 100% clear. If i downloaded sync for my computer I: 1) Do not have to export or import my bookmarks. It will automatically be saved by firefox sync? 2) If i save a bookmark on my work computer, i will see it sync'd automatically on my home computer when i get home?

AMCarter3 -- You can always use a third-party program to store your bookmarks on-line. I have been using this for years. The only problem is that it does not update itself. You have to update it periodically. However, it does work for any browsers:


Xmarks is superior to Firefox Sync as far as Bookmarks go, especially since it will sync Bookmarks and Favorites between Firefox, IE, and Safari - something no other web service that I have seen will do. Plus being able to view your bookmarks on-line from any browser is a nice feature, too.

But the fact is that users are looking for other services due to the impending shut down of Xmarks services within 90 days or so.

I'm sorry to say that I've just changed to Firefox Sync due to the future closure of Xmarks, and since last update of Firefox Sync to 1.5 version it doesn't work at all, always appears "connecting..." but never do it. I've been using Xmarks for two years and NEVER had a problem. I think I'll return to Xmarks until its shutdown, and if I have to pay something to continue using it, I'll pay it pleasantly

It looks like Xmarks will survive - latest blog post says it's being sold to someone who will keep it going. See:

I switched to firefox sync because there was told xmark would stop. From the first day I regret switching. The sync doesn't work for the Icons. If you manually change a link, this one is not changed on the other ps's So I don't trust sync. The synchronization of other things like history and passwords and so on aren't necessary for me. On the one machine I can scroll through all the images in Google, on the other machine just the old way. Every time just a page. I thought this would be synchronised to? So, if xmarks continues, I'll switch back

I thought that xmarks although was moving towards shutting down had reversed course and will continue offering the services they currently offer? I did read previous notes about shutting down and so on, but then through donations or whatever they agreed to stay operational. I am surprised FireFox then developed "sync" to basically compete with such an amazing "add-on". I always assumed Mozilla was more partnership like and integrating add-ons that people enjoy most. Of course this assumes xmarks was willing to give up their program to be integrated.

The Weave / Firefox Sync project was started almost 2 years ago, long before Xmarks discovered their business model wasn't sustainable in the long run. Mozilla starts projects from scratch, they don't purchase or take-over existing projects like Xmarks.

There's a 3rd bookmark "cloud" that I recently discovered - CometMarks.
Similar to Xmarks, it does cross-browser synchronization of Bookmarks, and also works with Google Bookmarks. The fault I find with CometMarks is that it only works the Firefox's default browser and default Profile, which is a major limitation IMO.

PuppinoCbr: Mozilla is very concerned about the user's privacy. That's why Firefox Sync was created in a way that doesn't even allow to decrypt your stored information on the server without having your Sync Key and Password. These two bits of information are stored on your computer when you setup Firefox Sync.

Xmarks in contrary stores it in a way to allow their website to access and display your information to you.

Firefox Sync is keeping your data synced every hour or even every few minutes if you're on a mobile device. You don't need to press any buttons or close your browser or anything else. It happens silently in the background while browsing the web.

The solution to this problem is Xmarks. This tool provides bookmarks synchronization across different browsers. You can easily sync all your bookmarks across Firefox.

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