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Server does not support RFC 5746, see CVE-2009-3555

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When accessing option: "Personal Banking" at "" Firefox 3.6.8 crashes. ERROR CONSOLE displays " : server does not support RFC 5746, see CVE-2009-3555". OS: Windows Vista Home Premium SP-2.

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The message about CVE-2009-3555 is meant for webmasters to make them aware that they need to fix their servers.
Firefox 3.6 versions can detect such a misconfiguration and displays a warning in the "Tools > Error Console".

I'm getting this error mesage when trying to respond to threads on two different forums. The problem started when my dsl modem died over the weekend and was replaced today by an AT&T service tech.


You can ignore that error message as a regular Firefox user.

Do you have problems with accessing websites?

Yes. When accessing option: "Personal Banking" at "" Firefox 3.6.8 crashes and closes itself. Thank you

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There is a Java applet running on the page


Many thanks. After I updated the JAVA engine using instructions at, I was able to access option: Personal Banking. The problem has been fixed. I appreciate your help and am delighted that the issue has been resolved. Very grateful, indeed!

Your solution has and updating of JAVA plug-in has solved the problem. Many thanks

Yes, I'm having a lot of trouble posting to forums of which I'm a member. Specifically, I can't post to either Gearslutz or The Womb. YouTube streaming doesn't work. Streaming from other sites appears to be blocked as well.

Google Chrome allows both posting and YouTube. Firefox doesn't.

I am still having problems with Win Vista but not on XP with the same site. I still don't believe this is a problem with the webmaster implementation but a Vista/Firefox interaction. If this is a Support forum, are they monitoring? I really want to hear from the programmers whether this is being debugged or not, and any other information they need from us to expedite a fix. Running now 3.6.10 and Vista64 SP2.

confirming that pointed at the top of this thread doesn't solve the problem - I tried the two first about:config settings, no change

forgot to add: Win 7 Home Premium + FF 3.6.10

Ironically, says " : server does not support RFC 5746, see CVE-2009-3555" in the Error Console

well... hi support and mozillers... here we got:

  • Win 7 Ultimate 32bit
  • Firefox 3.6.12

The error appears when I try to register my installation.

I've attached the error message and I thanks who could give me an help.

I'm running Firefox 3.6.12 on 2 computers, one with Win XP Pro SP3, the second Win XP Home SP2. When I try a Google or Yahoo log-in to a Weebly message board, I get the error message " : server does not support RFC 5746, see CVE-2009-3555" ONLY on the second computer. I have re-installed Firefox and removed Java from the second computer, but still can't connect. So why do I get a connection on the first computer?

The CVE-2009-3555 error message in the Tools > Error Console should not prevent from accessing that website. This may change in the future, but currently it is only to make the administrators of a server aware that they need to fix that security vulnerability in their server and install a patch. Users like you who visit such a site can ignore that error message.

If you have a problem with visiting a website then that has other causes and you need to check what that is in your case.

Can you post a link to the site that is causing that problem?

Do you have a secure https connection or a normal http connection?

Thank you for your interest. The website (for privacy, I prefer not to offer a direct link) is a home-built (not mine), using free domain-hosting by Connection works at three levels: 1)Homepage: unsecured; then 2) group password required for access to the site's restricted information; finally 3) personal login using an existing Facebook, Google or Yahoo account to enter replies on Message Board.

The computer that allows me to connect at all 3 levels in succession indicates that there is no secure https at any level. The second "problem" computer (as described in my initial post of 11/10) fails to respond to connecting at level 3. After a Google or Yahoo login, the captcha pop-up fails to appear, there is no Firefox pop-up error message and no access to the Message Board reply area. I found the CVE...etc message when checking Firefox Tools>Error Console. No such error message appears on the first "successful" computer.

I don't want to cause the web designer too much grief, if the problem is purely on my computer. I'm also waiting for a response to my problem from Weebly and wondering if I should check in with AVG, (I'm running the latest free version, although I disabled its link scanner to prevent site blocking) The other computer has Norton. Or could it be that I only have Win XP Home SP2? I'm trying to read about "Google Federated Login", for a clue but I'm not a programmer! Thanks again.

The first is to check if it works with a new profile. That is easier than trying a lot of things in the current profile. If a new profile still gives the problem then you need to check your security software to make sure that it isn't blocking content or otherwise interfering. Disabling security software can be tricky because sometimes you only disable the user interface, but the underlying service is still running and doing its job in blocking.

Solution for Mac users: Servers from some service providers have not caught up with the latest version of firefox 3.6.12 so you can't load some pages - really annoying when you want to buy some cool stuff. Solution: keep using firefox 3.5.13 to access the sites you used to be able to access, thatyou can't get on 3.6.12. But note - the new version of Firefox has tighter security protocols than your service provider who is yet to update (this is very cool - so firefox is ahead of the game in my opinion) It definitely works because the ipod touch and the Mac Book Pro both loaded the pages I could not load on my Mac Desktop. The limit of my test is that both the ipod and Mac Pro don't carry the latest Mac updates for other software, so if there is something in that beyond the Firefox version differences that cause the problem, then this workaround may not be valid - but based on reading all the full on tech stuff, I reckon I'm on the money. BTW - this is chat value info only and not formal advice, so if you drop back to an earlier version of Firefox and land some devastating virus, or have your bank accounts robbed, that's your problem !!

It still shows the same in my 3.613 browser. And Mozilla server does not support RFC 5746 ?

Some pages with this error shows up with no text or images in the Firefox browser?

When i try to go to one of the pages on eg. i cant see any of the pages in the browser...?

hi..i've the same problem too with the site i can't login or open any links , the error is " : server does not support RFC 5746, see CVE-2009-3555" i wonder because it's not working either with the IE and my friends sending me through it. my Java tested and working well and up to date , so is my Fire fox and my windows and the flash player i tried all thr solutions here but nothing working !!!

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