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Firefox 3.6.8 hangs with Flash

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I upgraded last week to Firefox 3.6.7 and found it prone to massive hang/unresponsive issues. I updated all my plug-ins; still happened. I tested with disabling plug-ins, and it only happened with Flash. This morning I upgraded to 3.6.8, hoping it would fix the problem, but it's still tripping into hang.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== various sites or windows were active or attempting to be opened. It's happened when I've opened the Add-Ons window, but my usual test has been gmail. It goes into limbo there when I try to delete a message, load another page of inbox, or sometimes load a message.

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firefox 3.6.8 consistently freezes every time it encounters flash. so much for its sandbox. i didn't have any problems with 3.6.7 & have downgraded thanks to this bug ...

i have the same problem, im running 3.6.7 when i encounter flash content everything freezes and i have to start the taskmanager and close the plugin-container.exe to get it to unfreeze. Another thing is when starting the taskmanager to close plugin-container.exe i can see the CPU working at 100% then when i close the plugin-container it goes down to the regular 2-5%

Maybe you have a virus that causes this problem. Try this Adobe Flash plugin has crashed - Prevent it from happening again

Same trouble (Mac OS X 10.5.8, Firefox 3.6.8, latest Flash plugin 10.1). Don't know whether it comes from Flash player itself or from Firefox Flash plugin as Safari happens to have the same trouble.

I was running 3.6.6 with no problems. Updated to 3.6.8 and now videos are uncontrollable. Youtube is effected to the point of Aaaarrrrrggggh!!!! Super slow downloads. One click anywhere causes FF to hang.

Same problem since the last upgrade on Friday. In my case I try to open it and it crashes immediatly. I have tried to down grade to older browser, but cannot find one to down load. I even tried their new Beta 4.0 and it does not work either. Looking at all the blogs on this going wild in the last few days looks like FireFox has really shot itself in the foot big time! I miss Fire Fox, guess I will work with Chrome until they fix it.

Same problem. Sites such as Ebay, Craigslist, and YouTube or simply unusable with FF now. I am running fully patched XP, and FF 3.6.8 with NoScript (all relevant permissions set to allow). For the first time in years I have stopped using FF and have reinstalled IE.

This problem has existed in several recent releases of FF. And now I see you want ppl to try FF4...are you joking? FF 2 was fantastic - please fix FF3.

I am currently using Firefox 3.6.8 (and i think it did this with the last version loaded / updated also) but for the past two weeks Firefox freezes up after about an hour or so. First all pages begin to load slower and slower, right click boxes start to take 2 then 5 then 10 seconds to show (or never show at all), and then eventually Firefox becomes completely unresponsive. I used to reboot the computer every time but have since found out that I can go to task manager and shut down Firefox then reopen it and it works fine again. I have been reading many posts and have uninstalled Shockwave Flash (Adobe) from their web site and reinstalled it and I still have the problem. I have even disabled the application while browsing and still have the problem. This is completely unstable right now and beginning to waste time as much as IE when it crashed all the time. The only advantage here is you can easily restore your last session tabs. I have also noted that Firefox claims after the update of this it fixed the freeze up problems. Well I am here to say not so with the rest of these postings. If this doesn't get corrected soon, I am thinking I will try Google Chrome to see if that works normally the way Firefox used to work. Please fix this Mozilla as I dread to go back to using IE!

just upgraded to 3.6.8 earlier today and youtube videos load ridiculously slow! Before I could just start a youtube video and watch it without lag. After the upgrade, even the shortest Youtube videos lag when loading -- big time!

At first I thought maybe Youtube was overloaded or something, but then I checked out Google Chrome and youtube videos load perfectly!

I miss the days when Firefox wasn't bloated. Btw, the new plugin-container.exe is a nice feature but eats up memory like no tomorrow. Firefox.exe and plugin-container.exe collectively use about 600-700mb with about 10-15 tabs open, 3-4 of which contain flash content.

I'm also noticing that with the new plugin-container.exe feature, flash is crashing more often. Not sure if this is related, but I thought I'd post it.

Adamm - I have had that problem on numerous previous versions of Firefox and when I first loaded it. Usually the solution is to go the the Adobe site and do a search to uninstall your Adobe Flash. A software will be available to uninstall this software. Then reinstall the newest Adobe Flash Player software and that usually corrects the you Tube issues (at least it has for me numerous times). Hope that works for you.

They just messed the browser ... it's using my cpu like 60-90% on IDLE... plus flash games and videos are impossible. Lagging so damn bad... I just shut down that thing Plugin container.exe (Which is bullshit) And it seems it went right... for some lame reason there was also Iexplorer.exe closed that too. I don't remember opening it, nor it was there earlier. Anyway.

@waynecz - I'm a flash developer, I always have the latest version of Flash Player installed. Thanks for the reply tho.

I down graded to 3.5.5 version of Firefox and it works great. I will monitor what is happening with the newer versions, but after the last couple of days I am gun shy. I tried Opera, did not care for it. Chrome is growing on me, actually faster than Firefox. So if Firefox does not fix their problems I may just start using Chrome on a regular basis.

same problem. no relief except downgrading.

Avid Firefox fan up to now, but the flash (youtube, etc) hangs are trying my patience. Never considered another browser until now - will probably go with Chrome until the next FF release.

same, all same since last update. Giving a try to Chrome ...

Yesss, I am not alone with this problem. Already downgrade to the v3.6.6 and so far so good. :)

I had a problem with Firefox freezing any time I went to a flash site since 3.6.4. I looked at my task manager and found the CPU idle and no plugin container.exe process running as mentioned here. I disabled the plugin container function using the instructions on this website.

Everything running great since!!!! Now I can use flash :)

I hope this helps others.

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