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Plugin-container.exe ate my CPU and my goldfish

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After installing Firefox 3.6.4 and version 3.6.6 respectively, there was a process running in the background, called plugin-container.exe. It immediately began to eat my CPU, my RAM and my goldfish. I have a fish tank in my room and after installing the FF update, my goldfish disappeared. Can I get a new goldfish from Mozilla?

This happened

Not sure how often

== after installing v3.6.4 and higher

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I'm using XP aswell. Ate my CPU, RAM and hamster.

I have the same configuration as the OP.

This problem is occurring since the last FF upgrade and it is intolerable.

On my PC, the "plugin-container.exe" process was using up most/all of my CPU (you can confirm this on your PC with "Task Manager") when I opened up multiple tabs.

My solution was to use Firefox 3.5.10 which you can get from the Mozilla website at I am using Adobe Flash without any problem in this version of Firefox. Check the release notes, I believe it contains all the latest security fixes in Firefox 3.6.4

Hopefully, they will fix Firefox 3.6 in the next version (e.g. Firefox 3.6.7).

win xp sp3 same problem... FF 3.6.6 zynga poker (flash) ate my RAM 320Mb for firefox and 275MB for plugin-container

Happened to me as well. It ate my cpu, my ram and my puppy dog. I guess plugin-container is Vietnamese.

FIREFOX team please fix it, plugin container.exe is using too much CPU

win xp sp3 same problem, started after FF 3.6.6 "update".

And her the same problem.

Already for days, I my CPU stands at 100% when using the latest FF

Suddenly can't watch shows at after the FF update the other day. Plugin-container eats 95% CPU .....missing parrot.

Same problem with plugin-container.exe being an intermittent CPU hog, as well as no visible reason why some apps/plugins/addons no longer work. Specifically RealPlayer SP downloader.

WTF Mozilla ? You guy are usually better than this ? Please PLEASE PAAHLEEEZE don't go down the same road as Facebook developers and released problematic code ...

Please fix this, and fix it soon. I have no idea what this thing does but the fact that it's using so much of my RAM is intolerable.

Same problem here, but no goldfish eaten, thanks god! ;-)

Same problem... Much too slow... since the last upgrade to 3.6.6. Testing... Q&A... were skipped?

For some reason, proxy settings were also changed... I found mine set to "Use my system proxy settings"... I never selected that. I always had No proxy as default.

Went back to the beta 3.6.4 found in the betas... and it is better.

In any case, loading Firefox since a few versions has become much slower...

My wish... I'd love a quick and lightweight firestarting browser! I guess Firefox needs some trimming.

In advance, thanks a lot for your efforts to go back to something much much much quicker.


Same problem...XP SP3, X64. Followed the suggestions outlined in this thread:

which, basically, was to restart in safe mode to see if an extension is causing the problem. Well, I restarted in safe mode, tried to watch a youtube video, and it still runs like trash (to say it nicely). So its definitely not an extension causing the problem, its this trashy container.

Flash Player is already a container. Meaning its already an intermediate layer between the user and the OS. Which is one of the things Steve Jobs talked about as for why Flash is not on iPhone. The more layers you introduce, the less efficiently something can run.

So basically Mozilla took an existing container (Flash player) and wrapped it in ANOTHER container, further removing it from the OS. Whose brilliant idea was that??? Its like watching TV as filmed through someone's web cam.

Total garbage. With each release of FF, video playback gets worse and worse...

I have the same problem. This plugin-container.exe manages to freeze my i7 time to time!

Same problem! 60-70% cpu use and lots of ram use from watching vids :((

There are some real solutions in the following, but you will have to read a lot to find them:

Same problem...XP SP3...tonight it jammed up to over 50% CPU use at times.

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