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I keep getting the following message and crash - "plugin container for firefox has stopped working." How can I fix this?

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Over the last few day the interent has been crashing with the following response - "plugin container for firefox has stopped working." Why and how can I fix this issue?

Over the last few day the interent has been crashing with the following response - "plugin container for firefox has stopped working." Why and how can I fix this issue?

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If anyone wants to disable the plugin container, read this:

Note that the above referenced KB article is about disabling the timeout and not about disabling the container process. To disable the container process you need to sett all dom.ipc.plugins.enabled prefs to false.



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Bye bye! Nobody will miss you, you lazy whiner who doesn't even bother to look after his computer!

WTF FF!! even after updating today to 3.6.7 i STILL have the same issue? Fix it or kiss alot of users gooodbye!!

Having the same problem I always liked FF but now it's useless...

1. I am not a geek. 2. I don't play games. 3. I have limited technical skills. 4. I am 66 years old. 5. I hate IE. 6. I have loved FF since I found it years ago. 7. Have had absolutely no problems until the last updates. 8. Had FF 3.6.5 (I think) no problems. Then it updated itself to

    3.6.6 Problems began. Updated to 3.6.7 Problems. Updated 
    to 3.6.8. Still have the same problem. Plugin container stop
   ed working. Need a fix that a simpleton like me can do and

9. In the ole days, with Netscape, one could print out their bookmarks in

   case something happened. Can this be done in FF? If yes
   then how please? I need help, please!

Jim, please read and follow these instructions. If you have any problems at all, understanding any wording or procedures, feel free to ask and I'll happily explain it in a different way. If they don't help you, please tell me and we'll work from there.


For your bookmarks issue, Start a new thread -

It will help us help you better

Disable plugin-container

If you want to disable plugin-container, See this KB article:

Mine is crashing in Firefox 3 and in Opera browser~~~ I think the problem is at Abode. It always says SHOCK is working in Firefox , but in Opera I get a SHOCK crash message.

I have done every suggestion in here to stop crashing to no avail. I am a Pogo user and everytime I try playing a game the whole thing crashes. What the heck is going on? I have always loved using Firefox, guess I'll be looking somewhere else.

If disabling all add-ons through safe mode doesn't make the issues go away (temporarily), can you please try it in a new (temporary) Firefox profile and see if the issue is still present? See this article to know how to create a new Firefox profile. Please report back the results.

I finally gave up and downloaded Chrome. I now have little or no hang and my sound came back..videos work perfect.

I'm not using a different browser out of spite. Poor choice of words... More like desperation. So far, in the last 30 minutes, Chrome has worked perfect, restoring my ability to browse successfully and repaired my sound/video issue. This was an important step for me to SEE why I was having this problem..browser issues or a real problem with my pc. The answer to that was "it's totally the browser". Free or not, people are using this browser in good faith and depend on it to perform. If you guys know there is a problem, it should be stated and fixed for ALL your users. Free is only good if it's what you needed. I love ff...but damn.

Well, no major browser plays Flash elements by itself. If I understand correctly, you have problems with Flash sound, not HTML sound, which are two completely different web page components. That said, I can't have any idea what the problem is if you don't report the results of your experiments (such as disabling add-ons, running in safe mode, a new profile, and so on). Please answer my questions whenever possible, if you want me to be able to help you.

Also, this is not a known issue, and is certainly not widespread.

I had no sound...intermittently. Constant container problems, constant crashing, and it really sucked. I disabled add-ons, I reloaded adobe and my shockwave downloads, upgraded everything, added adobe to my accepted download list, added firefox...triple checked for 64 bit downloads... As far as safe mode and new far should I REALLY have to go trying to use my pc with firefox?

I really appreciate the service you guys have offered and will intermittently check my ff browser and it's fixes, to see if the problems have been remedied by the creators.

Thanks Again, Mar

I don't have to be doing anything just open and after a few seconds it crash. need help. going back to aol if not fixed soon.

Found a workaround on W7, FF 3.6.8, Foxit R. and Shockwave just executing FF as administrator. It doesn't crash at all, and seems to run faster. Please, fix FF!!!

Had same issues, FF crashed at launch, or it may work for a few seconds then white over and crash, tried to disable all addon's but that didnt work, ended up having to turn off the crash prevention container...which ironically seems to be what caused the crashes

I am having the same issue and mostly it is related to WordPress activities, though I have not identified any one specific item that causes it.

Exactly the same problem here ever since the update, extremely frustrating!!!

try to disable the carsh prevention container, thats the only thing that worked for me, its not even something that should be there if you ask me, wish they would concentrate on making FF faster isntead of adding usless stuff like that which will inevitably cause more problems then it fixes

To disable this pointless container follow this:

Theres a new update out right now too but I couldnt download it because the license was

The Firefox "not responding", white screen occur. This always happen when I check my emails and delete that ones I do not want to keep.

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