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I keep getting the following message and crash - "plugin container for firefox has stopped working." How can I fix this?

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Over the last few day the interent has been crashing with the following response - "plugin container for firefox has stopped working." Why and how can I fix this issue?

Over the last few day the interent has been crashing with the following response - "plugin container for firefox has stopped working." Why and how can I fix this issue?

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If anyone wants to disable the plugin container, read this:

Note that the above referenced KB article is about disabling the timeout and not about disabling the container process. To disable the container process you need to sett all dom.ipc.plugins.enabled prefs to false.



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yes and it doesn't seem to matter whatever thing you try. Tried everything mozilla recommended, and it still crashes. does anyone know how to fix this. Im on a vista!

Same problem here. It seems to happen more often when I go to sites that contain flash video content. I'm in Windows 7 using Firefox version 3.6.6.

A simple test proved that this is a Firefox bug - despite the attempts to blame it on Adobe Flash. I reinstalled v3.6.3, which is the version released just prior to the addition of "plugin-container.exe" - and without any other changes, every site that had been crashing continually with v3.6.6 worked perfectly. Reinstalling v3.6.6 brought the crash problem back. Therefore Flash is not crashing, or there should be problems using v3.6.3. Following the instructions to disable the plug-in container also eliminated the crashing in v3.6.6. It is "plugin-container.exe" itself that is crashing, and the developers need to fix the code bug. From the Vista Event Log: Faulting application plugin-container.exe, version, time stamp 0x4c25a474, faulting module ntdll.dll, version 6.0.6002.18005, time stamp 0x49e03821, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x00048b02, process id 0xccc, application start time 0x01cb1bf11aac8f49.

No, wait, forget what I said. In reality, a simple test proved that this is a Flash bug... Funny huh? With the latest version installed (that's 3.6.6), I disabled Flash and suddenly all my problems went away! It may be true that there's no problem with 3.6.3 with Flash, but since Flash is a plugin and the main software is Firefox, it's a problem with Flash.

Sorry for bothering you with this, never mind. I will contact Adobe and complain about their stupid software.

@edmeister, thanks for suggesting the Workaround, this has been a great cause of frustration until your post.

Everything was perfect until updating to 3.6.6 which in turn automatically runs an update to the latest flash. Countless crashes since!

@Morbus. While the support you guys provide is much appreciated, it would help if you also believed user's complaints. I have read and done everything you suggested (and I'm sure I'm not alone), but the problem still persisted.

Yes, the flash plugin seems to be the cause (no crashes when it's disabled), but no, we can't take it up with Adobe... I couldn't even last 10 secs on Adobe's site without crashing! Every site with flash elements crashed FF instantly. This didn't happen prior to the update.

Even if the problem is Adobe's, this needs a temporary patch until it's properly resolved, because the average user will see a FF issue. This is not low priority, it's a complete show stopper and it's affecting more people than you seem to want to acknowledge.

"Yes, the flash plugin seems to be the cause (no crashes when it's disabled)" You have your answer there.

"because the average user will see a FF issue" I know it will, and that's part of the reason why the plugin-container was implemented. Whenever Flash or other plugins would cause problems, which happened quite a lot more than it does now, people would think it was Firefox acting up. Because they were not, as they are not, able to understand that if an optional extra is causing an issue with the browser, it's the extra's fault, not the browser.

Particularly when that extra is made by a company with such a bad rep as Adobe in terms of bugs and instability.

Other than saying this, I can't really do anything else. Remember that I'm not a developer? Good.

Do you have 3.6.6?

I posted about a fix about disabling the Plugin Container on the first page of this thread. See this posting.

@Morbus Thanks for your assistance and persistence. I still believe that it is a plugincontainer/Adobe Flash conflict. When I ONLY disable flash OR plugincontainer FF does NOT crash. If I have them BOTH on, then the crash occurs.

@the-edmeister Thanks for the fix / work around.

I haven't yet experienced any crashes, but video runs A LOT slower since the upgrade. Also, if plugin-container is running, iTunes won't eject my iPod. I had this issue with another program and disabled it. Suddenly the issue reappeared. Plugin-container was the only new thing running so I disabled it. Tada! No more problem with the eject. There needs to be a way to permanently disable it....oh wait, there is! Use Google chrome instead.

Again, Firefox locks. Have to use task manager to kill and get the report, "Plugin container has stopped working." I am using Firefox 3.6.6. Occurs on a lot of different sites, three different machines both XP and Vista.

Heaven forbid that I have to start using Explorer.


I use Windows 7 and the newest version of FF and Flash and cannot get Windows to recognize that I even have Flash. Laptop using Internet Explorer and keeps shutting down when you go to a page that uses Flash.

Same problem here. Please God fix this issue, it is driving me insane.

Hello everyone. Again.

Please read this post. If it doesn't help, please tell me.

I followed these instructions to "Disabling Crash Protection", and it worked. In the mean time, while either Mozilla or Adobe find the solution, Firefox seems to work fine, and I am able to avoid going back to IE. Good luck to you all, and this is the link:


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I have the same problem with Windows 7 and Firefox 3.6.6. I disabled all add-ons and problem went away. I then enabled them one at a time. Problem returned when I enabled Headup. The version of Headup I have, appears to be the latest. Leaving it disabled eliminates "Plugin container for Firefox has stopped working" error.

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