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I keep getting the following message and crash - "plugin container for firefox has stopped working." How can I fix this?

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Over the last few day the interent has been crashing with the following response - "plugin container for firefox has stopped working." Why and how can I fix this issue?

Over the last few day the interent has been crashing with the following response - "plugin container for firefox has stopped working." Why and how can I fix this issue?

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If anyone wants to disable the plugin container, read this:

Note that the above referenced KB article is about disabling the timeout and not about disabling the container process. To disable the container process you need to sett all dom.ipc.plugins.enabled prefs to false.



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Since updating to 3.6.6 I'm having this problem !!!

I will start using the ugly chrome until we get a fix for this.

Here is how you deactivate the plugin-container:

After deactivating the plugin-container, everything is like before. Then we can all go back to xhamster and enjoy the show without FF crashing.

Here is how you deactivate the plugin-container:

Type about:config in the url bar and then do as in the screenshot:

Type about:config in the url bar and then do this:

Yes the-edmeister I followed all the instructions including the one I found before removing the plugin to set the last one to a -1... As of right now and last 2hrs. all seems FINE (ok well fine compared to the norm with FB lately) !!! Ok so firefox is using more power when in games then it use to but its no where near as much as with the plugin nor is it hitting 100%... so end of story for now the removal WORKED!!! an I stick with firefox, just wish they had asked us about adding that and told us how to remove it if any problems should occur... It would have caused a lot of ppl from getting so angry aside from so frustrated for days... Some have already given up on firefox and alot of ppl do not even know about this thread... If another update should be offered from now on I want to know exactly what and why ... Thanks for your help the-edmeister!!!

Thanks for posting the suggestions to fix this. I didn't experience this until after Firefox updated. This has been a royal pain in the butt for everyone in my house, and my best friend called me, convinced that her computer had some new funky virus that hadn't been discovered yet, lol.

What a disappointment that this even went live, and even more so that there hasn't been a priority set on addressing this or fixing it.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the suggestions I found here end my problems.

Much appreciated, folks.

Thanks for the tip, I made the changes. Hope it corrects the problem. Know if if only Firefox/Vista would address the Pdf file freeze. It seems every time windows or FF does an update everything goes south and needs to be re-tweaked.

i think blaming Adobe Flash plug-in is a cop-out my Adobe Flash plug-in was working fine before updating Firefox you must have changed something to make this plug-in not work get you act together Firefox. i having ti use IE and i really hate IE.

I would like to add that i too had this problem. I've just disabled the plugin conainer and everything works fine again. Shame on you Firefox. Releasing something that crashes. I used Chrome for the past week and nearly quite Firefox if I haven't decided to try to find a solution one last time. By using Chrome, I've just found out they too have extensions. You guys are in big trouble. You are losing users by the buckets with this problem. And a "hack"y fix isn't acceptable. You guys better come up with an update soon.

I noticed that others are having the same problem as me. It happens with Hulu - can't watch a movie at all. And pdf files!

This is happening on Hulu as well as Megavideo. This is getting ridiculous. However I was not experiencing this problem until I updated adobe flash. Two days later I updated firefox and this has happened at least 6 times today alone. I can't say for sure whose fault I think it is because I'm not sure if I watched and flash content in between the flash update and this latest firefox update.

What can I do to fix this? I had to close Firefox like 10 times already today!

Just to remind you Fox Bosses, every day that passes without this problem being solved, you are loosing users to: Opera, Chrome...... You can't call this thread a fix, u can count the number of people on your fingers who got their problem solved thanks to this thread(i am one of these) Just thought i should remind you guys, i'm a firefox fan till the end :)

it would seem the staff at firefox dont care as there is a lack of response here to this problem, if it is a problem with flash player why have the firefox team not worked with Adobe to get it working right i advertise for firefox and no longer allow people that use IE to access my site and now firefox is full of bugs

Been having the EXACT SAME PROBLEM now for 4 days !!!???

it looks like FF haveing a big problems to solve, I just want to point out that ,,, FF ,,, million people are using FF, and loves to use the search engine. if you do not have the solution. ???? what happens? %#¤%%// Please fix the problem. Love FF

problems + plug-in container X 1000,000,000,000 X people =  ??? It is a mathematical question to FF

Except only a few people are having problems. Please stop worrying about other people and worry about yourself: start by reading this post, it will probably help you.

Same problem, Firefox crashes with a note saying "the plugin container for firefox has stopped working. Has anyone got a fix for this or do I have to go to another browser?

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