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I keep getting the following message and crash - "plugin container for firefox has stopped working." How can I fix this?

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Over the last few day the interent has been crashing with the following response - "plugin container for firefox has stopped working." Why and how can I fix this issue?

Over the last few day the interent has been crashing with the following response - "plugin container for firefox has stopped working." Why and how can I fix this issue?

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If anyone wants to disable the plugin container, read this:

Note that the above referenced KB article is about disabling the timeout and not about disabling the container process. To disable the container process you need to sett all dom.ipc.plugins.enabled prefs to false.



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I'm having the same problem, Firefox crashes when loading a flash video or animation. I have to close Firefox with the Task Manager, after which I get a "Plugin container for Firefox has stopped working".

I use Firefox 3.6.6 on Windows Vista (Internet Explorer doesn't have a single problem with flash)

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; nl; rv: Gecko/20100625 Firefox/3.6.6 ( .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET4.0C)

Stenfa, Internet Explorer's Flash is not the same as Firefox's Flash. If you are having a problem with Flash, please contact Adobe for support.

Goodbye Firefox & your greedy plug-in container.exe

Same problem again. If i have to remove all the add-on, it is just not working. Youtube need the add on to work.

In addition, the crash could be happened anytime like second(s), minute(s) or hour(s) after the website opened. Unpredictable. How to test and error one by one?

It's probably Flash, reveyag. Keep an eye out for that one. Plugin container only contains Flash, Silverlight and Quicktime.

If I have to remove the flash add on, website like you tube and other flash supported website is not working at all. what are the other alternatives

Reveyag, if you have a problem with Adobe Flash and want to see flash elements on the web, your only alternative is to install another Flash player. There are a few out there, but, in my experience, they aren't as good as Adobe Flash, since they can't keep up with the development Adobe Flash has. Again, if you are experiencing problems with Adobe Flash, contact Adobe for support.

The problem is that before the update (yesterday) Firefox + Flash worked perfectly. Ever since the update it crashes, is this due to Adobe or a crappy update by Firefox?

(btw, the second comment by "Stefan" wasn't me, i'm sticking by Firefox, if the problem is solved quickly.)

Well, plugins are browser dependent, not the other way around, so I don't see what I can do. If you have a problem with a plugin or an add-on in general (plugins, themes and extensions), you need to contact its author, since they can make it compatible with Firefox, if it's not already.

That said, make sure your Flash plugin is up to date: Other than that, I can't really provide support for Flash plugin.

This is a real disappointment Mozilla - when us there going to be a fix?

bye fox, installed opera rightnow , can't use the fox daily with the amount of crashes tell me when its fixed

It won't be fixed because it's a bug with Flash, not with Firefox! The plugin container is going to be present in Firefox from now on, and that's all there is to it, in the end. There are bugs in the Flash plugin, and that's where you need to look for a fix, no in Firefox!

Firefox is brilliant!

what is happening to firefox? has the fox been consumed by the fire? why need to have the stupid plugin

Douglas, please read this page to know about the plugin container and it's function.

I posted a link to this posting - - late Saturday about how to disable the plugin container in Firefox 3.6.4+ versions, did anyone bother to read that posting and actually disable the plugin container.

This has just gone beyond insane already!!! Ed-Mister yes I read and followed what u said and though the crashes are less frequent that does NOT stop the firefox plugin container from using 67% to 97% of my power and my cpu has a lot of power to go around... I have to keep my task manager open so I can keep an eye on it because when it hits 100% I have to close what ever game I am in very quickly so everything does not crash thanks to that oh so wonderful firefox plugin container they decided to install giving me no choice nor option to totally remove it... I use to swear by Firefox for a long time now with all this it's not worth it let alone a nice smooth breeze to work with... I chose to stick with Firefox though I had tried google chrome and yes it was faster I wanted to stick with the little guy not change... At this point I am changing to google as my primary and perhaps looking for another, even years ago AOL's browser was better then firefox is now... If they decide to remove that container or have it function much better I have no use for it, it's more aggravation then it is worth aside from making me wonder what kind of damage it may be doing to my fairly new computer...

I followed all the instructions on here to TOTALLY disable the plugin, restarted my browser and this time it disabled it, or it is not showing in my task manager at least... Oh right big improvement, NOT! Now my Firefox uses over 50% of the power for a game, yes less total then firefox and the plugin but the game is beyond slow, things don't work and I watched my screen flash to all black so many times it was unreal... Yes I can accept the fact facebook if far from great anymore, zynga games have probs every other day just about but this is unreal... It is not just zynga games that are causing any of the problems but alas at least I got rid of that dang plugin after 2 tries!!! Now what else may go wrong because of that remains to be seen lol, I feel like facebook & zynga merged firefox with it and love the saying "what can go wrong will go wrong"... Anyone who has not tried to follow the instructions posted on here by ---

                            post #437

you might want to give it a try and hope your games or work do not end up causing you more frustration as mine did ... If it continues well that was my last try I give up and will force myself to get use to chrome...


If you followed those instructions completely, the plugin container shouldn't even be open.

k, followed the instruction, set all on false, expext the last option, which was a number, lets hope it wont crash anymore. but still, i quess there are bazillion fox usersh whos browser is crashing and have no idea, that this thread exists, you better roll out some update :D

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