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How to stop Adobe flash plugin from crashing on hulu... Its up to date and every thing

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I can't watch videos on HULU. Every time I try my adobe flash plug in crashes. The plug in is up to date and I checke don adobe's site and they told me to check here.

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This only happens when certain ads start playing, but not under the actual feature Im watching on Hulu.

The only ad that crashes flash player certainly, is the David Duchovny narrated 'Adopt a Dog' ad.

only freezes when 15 second ads plays, any 30+ second ad plays fine.

Stop programming every flippin' website out there with Flash.... Flash SUCKS! It is unstable and buggy. There are so many ways to do this... shy does everyone insist on using Adobe crap? I don't get it.

Try disabling the Skype extension by going to Tools--Addons--Extensions.

I am experiencing the same problem with XP on a Dell Precision with a very fast cable modem connection.

I have the same problem with some games. But it's happening only since that stupid thing of plug-ins crash reports on last Firefox update!!

i uninstall re-install ~load farmville fronterland anything 2 minutes later flash player crashes any suggestions????

Those downgrading or advocating downgrading flash should keep in mind that even if that works, it makes you vulnerable to any old vulnerabilities in flash which have been fixed in more recent versions. These are actively exploited, not just theoretical threats.

I don't advise downgrading, but if you do, at a minimum use something like flashblock so that every site you visit (or which serves you an ad) does not have the opportunity to exploit flash.

do a search

system restore

restore to a date prior to installing lastest firefox

do not reinstall lastest adobe

problem solved

I am experiencing the same problem with pandora, youtube, streaming video episodes from fox and abc. IE gives me the same problems, only it doesn't say that Flash has crashed, it just freezes up. Sometimes its fine and other times it crashes no matter what I do. It seems to be especially touchy during peak usage hours so i thought it was my internet provider for a long time, but it looks like a lot of other people are having the same problems

hulu still crashes the flash player on ff 3.6.8 using vista

I'm having trouble watching surfthechannel. It's a rainy day and all i want to do is watch some free movies. ahh

I found since the update of flash, that I can watch from 10 seconds to 2 minutes tops before hulu & flash crashes. They not only crash they reboot my system automatically as well.

I thought it was a windows only thing. So, I tried on linuxmint and it worked like a charm. No crashy's.

That made me think it had to be on my hubbies drive. But no, it's not. It's also on my brand new HD that I just bought today so I know it's not my HD. And with my new hard drive it also auto-restarts my computer. Thank goodness for linux. At least I can still watch my shows and I had to miss quite a few in my subscriptions because of this.

I wish only hulu or only FireFox were crashing on my pc's. Instead I get the blue screen of death after which Windows XP Pro SP3 will not lauch due to "corrupt or missing" Windows/System32/Config/System file. Harddrive reformat and Windows reinstall is the only way out. FF v.3.6.13 Flash

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