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Trend Micro Toolbar - Is Missing from Firefox Versions 93.0 and 94.0

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Unable to install Trend Micro Toolbar extension for Firefox  v. 93.0 & v. 94.0 Encountering being redirected to " Oops! We cannot find that page" when the user clicked "Install Firefox toolbar"...

I have also reported this to Trend Micro and there reply was;

"This is XXXXXX from Trend Micro Consumer Support.

I understand that you want to install the Trend Micro Toolbar on your Firefox Browser. Let me help you with this.

As per our Expert Engineers, Currently, the Trend Micro toolbar for Firefox is still under maintenance. You may encounter being redirected to " Oops! We cannot find that page" when the user clicked "Install Firefox toolbar" They have advised customers to use a different browser temporarily. We are already coordinating with Mozilla Firefox to make it available as soon as possible."

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Hi, it sounds like there is no official source for the toolbar on the web at the moment.

For the business version, the extension is available on disk. Not sure about your version. I think it's worth checking -- and here's the trick to installing it.

Step 1 is to find the .xpi file. For my version, it's in this folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Trend Micro\Client Server Security Agent\FirefoxExtensionOspreyWebExt

On your system, the bolded part probably will be the name of the product you have. Do you see anything like that?

Step 2 is to load the file as a local add-on:

On the Add-ons page (Ctrl+Shift+A), there is a gear/wheel icon on the right side which opens a small menu. One of the items is Install Add-on from File...

If you click that button, Firefox should open a Windows dialog to browse to the XPI file and open it. From there, you should get the usual prompts for installing an add-on.

If you try it, let me know what you find.

This is a local add-on problem (home computer/laptop). Sounds like I'm going have to use an alternate browser until Mozilla/Trend Micro resolves the issue. Really not happy regarding that now two (2) Mozilla Firefox Browsers ( V. 93.0 and v. 94.0) versions have been released, and still the problem hasn't been resolved!

I don't think we have enough information to know why Trend Micro's add-on isn't on the Add-ons site.

Did you look to see whether it was available in a folder on your computer so you can install it from there?

Yes, I read all the articles before and independently searched for any other useful information (none found for Windows, only for Mac).

If you don't have a copy of the XPI file on disk in the Trend Micro folders, I think you're just going to have to wait for them to make it available again.

Now it's 2 months later and Trend Micro is still saying that they are working with the Mozilla / Firefox team to get their toolbar working again.

TM's support was giving this as the response as of 2 months ago, it seems they have stopped responding to complaints about the toolbar at all now.

The unavailable Trend Micro toolbar in Mozilla Firefox still stands. We are still coordinating with Mozilla Firefox to make it available as soon as possible.

You may still use Mozilla Firefox, just be careful with the sites you visit. Do not open any suspicious links.

If you are shopping online or doing any banking activities, you may use the Pay Guard browser to protect your data in your financial transactions against any security and identity threats.

It looks to me, that TM was caught completely off guard with the removal of side-load extension from Firefox, even though Mozilla published it's EOL in 2019. This is just a guess as to the problem, but it seems to be the most likely problem. Now as to TM's response, so far it's sad. Here is a link to the thread on TM's site:

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