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shortcut for switching browser windows?

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I urgently ;-) need a shortcut to switch between open browser windows. It seems to be one of the basic ones, but is nowhere to be found.

Solutions using Tilde do not work for me becuse it's not available on my Apple keyboard.

Why not use Command +< or Command + > respectively, like many other apps do?

And why not at least let me configure that in a simple fashion myself???

Thanks for any solution!

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Switching between windows is done by the operating system you are using, not Firefox.

Fortunately, Mac OS has a keyboard shortcut that you can use to change between open windows. Command + Tab and Command + Shift + Tab will allow you to change back and forth between open windows. On Mac laptops, swiping the touchpad with three fingers should also make a list of open windows appear.

On Windows, the shortcut to change windows is to use the Windows Key + Tab shortcut and select the desired window with the arrow keys or the mouse.

On many Linux distributions, the shortcut is Alt + Tab.

Hope this helps.

Multiple Instances of Firefox are not considered separate processes, and Alt + Tab will show only one Fireball on a Mac regardless of how many windows a user has open. This is true for multiple windows of any application running on a Mac. This behavior is not the same as MS-Windows.

Francis மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Okay, I find it odd that your Mac wouldn't have a Tilde... bummer if it doesn't.

However, the funny thing is that your question is actually what helped me learn to switch between windows. I didn't know that Cmd + ~ would do that. So the answer I was looking for wasn't answered here directly. But because you mentioned Tilde in your question, I was able to figure it out.

So for anyone else in the future who stumbles onto this question and thread, here are the details that actually help:

Best method:

  1. 1 "Cmd + ~" This one is easiest. You can also go in reverse order by doing "Cmd + Shift + ~"

Also works:

  1. 2 On a Mac (at least mine), using three fingers to swipe down on the trackpad will show Firefox windows. Three finger swipe up shows all windows for all apps, so just swipe down.

Hope that helps someone else out in the future.

P.S. I find it odd that the Tilde trick isn't listed on the shortcuts page here:

Hi, I'll jump on this wagon and then post a separate thread if I can't find a solution here.

I have a Japanese keyboard (input language English though), where the tilde is Option + n. Besides this causing a problem with the Shift having to be pressed to obtain a tilde, thus not allowing me to have both options, it doesn't work. I'm doing it now... and nothing.

Since someone was having doubts about the tilde here, I'll do that too.

Should I use: 1) the actual Spanish tilde which goes above a letter such as in ñ (where nothing appears after I type Option + n, but "ñ" appears after I type the letter to which the tilde must be applied, in this case "n"? Or; 2) the standalone tilde, "˜", which is Option + Shift + n (which would cause trouble with the shortcut anyway)? Or; 3) the tilde-like wormy hyphen "~"?

I've tried them all, none of them works.

Any help from someone using a Japanese keyboard?



I have the same exact problem.

Latest FireFox on a fresh OSX Catalina install. English browsing, German system language and keyboard. I am used to have multiple FireFox Windows open with different tabs each. Using the number keys to address the tabs and:

cmd + <> to switch between windows.

I ve been doing this for YEARS.

all of a sudden, after the new fresh install, this does not work any more. And I cant find anything about it or where to change or apply a shortcut. it is INFURIATING how such a BASIC functionality is not within ANY of the FireFox short cut lists nor that I can find any hints about OSX to solve that problem. I d be really grateful to anyone who can provide a solution here.

cmd + <> just worked and it DOES work to switch between Finder windows, no Problem. But FireFox? nada. does not even twitch.