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I can view fields

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When I go to "", input fields should appear to enter contact infomration such as name and such. After disabling add-ons and then closing and opening Firefox 74 I am not able to view these fields. this also occurs when using Tor which is a firefox based browser.

When I open Safari on the same workstation it works.

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If you have Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) set to strict or custom, it blocks those input fields from loading in.

You can disable ETP on that specific website by pressing the shield icon on the left side of the padlock in the Firefox address bar. Then turn off the little switch button on that window to disable ETP on that website.

Hope this helps.


Note that Firefox shows a blueish highlighted shield icon at the left end of the location/address bar in case Tracking Protection is blocking content. You can click the shield icon for more detail and possibly disable the protection.


This resolution to my initial problem cannot be correct because Tor which uses firefox 68.6 does not have the option enhanced tracking protection. This app does shows the site incorrect as well as my Android phone running 68.6.

All being run from my public IP of


Tor is based upon Firefox 68 ESR and this Firefox version still has some basic content blocking feature in "Options/Preferences -> Privacy". Tor will likely enable CB in regular mode and not only in Private Browsing mode, so you will still have to check whether content blocking is causing issues. In 68 ESR you will probably have to check the Web Console for details.


I understand that FF 68 ESR is used with Tor. My point is that the problem cannot be Enhanced tracking protection as Tor does not have this feature.


TOR has content blocking that uses the same data files from Enhanced Tracking Protection merely means that there are more options in the shield icon drop-down list. Firefox 68 only shows the shield when content is blocked and current Firefox releases display the shield always with a blueish highlight when content is blocked.


I cant explain the result you get Cor-el, but I have noticed that from my network which runs through if I type in the URL it comes out as a non-secure site but using another network it is

This suggest from my public IP of something is being filtered.


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