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download goes to wrong location

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In Options, I have C:\Downloads⁩ as the location that my internet files are downloaded. Instead, they go to a different location, specifically: C:/Users/**/AppData/Local/Temp.

How do I make Firefox download my files to the correct location?


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I set the location in Options, not the ask me function. Will try that.

See previous post. I changed the permissions of the downloads file to the same as the temp file without any change. Notice that this worked at one point.


Chris Ilias said

Hi Lokimeister, Would you mind sending us a video of what you're seeing? For instructions, visit the following: Upload the video to a cloud service, like YouTube, OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox, and paste a link to the video in this forum thread.
NOTE: This forum is public!


Hi Lokimeister Thanks for the video! That clears things up.

Usually, when a person clicks on a file, a prompt should appear asking if you want to Save the file or Open it.

  • If you select Save, it will download to your preferred location.
  • If you select Open, it will download to the Windows TEMP folder, and get cleared with other temporary data when you close Firefox.

In this case, it looks like you have set PDF files not to use the Open option, without prompting you.

  1. Go to Options > General, and scroll down to the Applications section.
  2. In the search field, type PDF.
  3. There should be one search result. Click on the Action for that result, and set it to Always ask.

The next time you click on a PDF file, it will prompt you to Open or Save. Select Save.

If you still have the issue, please let us know.


Okay that works, but it doesn't solve the actual issue: the auto save doesn't work.


When I open in Acrobat, not save it, the file is still found in the temp file.

Probably going to have to discontinue use of Firefox if I don't get this resolved soon.


Files that you open in an external application like the Adobe Reader will always be downloaded to the temp folder and you can't prevent or bypass this. Downloading and saving files to a specific folder is only possible for a normal 'save' download and not for files you pass to another application.


Yeah, it didn't work that way before. EVERYTHING used to go to the file I wanted it to go to.

Note that the initial issue HAS NOT been fixed.

The "solution" takes more clicks.


I've just had the same problem C:\Users\Santina\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\tykmyfxl.default-1581603518331 but then I realised I had set it to 'Open with' rather than 'Save to'. So I unchecked the 'Open with' box on the download app and they are now going back to the download folder, as they previously did :-) Good luck!


I've had the same problem. Turns out I had my pdf reader listed under PDF in Options. I changed it to Save File and it now saves to my designated folder.


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