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Hi! If I have synced my passwords in my account, and now I want to delete them from being stored somewhere else than my local pc, how can I do this?

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I just want my stored password to be saved only to my local pc and not somewhere else. But I have enabled the sync option also for the passwords, and now I would like your help in order to tell me, how can I delete the synced passwords from, lets say, the cloud or whatever technology you are using? Is the check box in the sync settings enough? If I deselect the passwords from the list, will they be deleted from your servers?

Thank you in advance!

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First, you need to remove Passwords from the sync options.

Then you will have to manually remove what you don't want from each member of the sync.


Hi again,

thank you very much for the reply! If I got it right, I will remove Password for the sync options and then the passwords are stored locally in my devices, and then it is up to me to delete them or to leave them as it is. But in any case the passwords will be stored only locally! Am I right?

again, thank you very much


That is right.


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