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Youtube with Vega 8 (AMD iGPU) 1080p problems

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The gpu usage (more specifically the encoding) has crazy spikes which causes frames to drop (a lot of them).

I'm almost sure this only happens with vp9 and so far I've only seen it happen in 1080p and over (1080p60 etc).

The gpu should be more than able to play these. And in the moments it isn't spiking it's only using like 30 to 40% so it is more than able.

Edit 1: It's really strange because I just watched 4k60 videos and 1080p60 videos in both VP9 and AV and they worked just perfect and then I went to a 1080p24 in VP9 and it skips like hell. And then I went back to the previous video and it gets almost 100% skipped frames at 4k60 when just 5 minutes ago it was playing it fine.

So basically I can't successfully reproduce the problem the same way all the time. Maybe you guys have some tools I can use to do more in-depth testing.

Edit 2: I am now convinced that the problem lies with the iGPU not having enough memory because one common thing that I noticed every time there's skipping is that the vram is pretty much full. At the same time that's strange because the system should then use the system memory as shared memory, right? I checked my BIOS to see if I could increase the iGPU memory but it literally only gives me a single option, which isn't even the correct one since it shows 128MB and I have 256MB, or at least the specs of the laptop, Firefox (about:support) and Windows says so.

I know there's other laptops with this iGPU that can change that so if anyone has one that can test that we would know.

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Not exactly like yours but I've discovered on my 3400G with Vega 11 graphics, on Youtube only the 4K 24P videos judder on the 60Hz display, clearly improper 3:2 pulldown is to blame, Chromium based browsers use a lot more GPU 3D power (90%, GPU 1650MHz, Dual DDR4 3333Mhz) than FF but they get the job done.

I'd say with your Vega 8 GPU, 1080P should be EZPZ, unless you're having stability or memory issues. I've found the most stable driver to be 19.9.2.


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