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turn off automatic updates

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Just want SIMPLE instruction on how to turn off auto updates.

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I went to Import/export > Restore > file. this takes me to Libraries in Windows. ???????? There obv is no back up. So all my bookmarks are GONE. Thanks FF.

Beetina358 said

I went to Import/export > Restore > file. this takes me to Libraries in Windows.

So there were no dated backups listed on the Restore menu, just "Choose File"? In that case, Firefox didn't find any automatic backups in the bookmarkbackups folder of your current profile.

You mentioned earlier that you only have one profile folder listed in the Profile Manager. This is not completely conclusive because sometimes Firefox loses track of a profile folder, so it's worth taking a look on disk. You can paste the following shortcut into the search box on the Windows 7 Start Menu and Windows should open the folder in Windows Explorer:


Do you have any extra folders there, or just one?

Done. Clicked> went to Favorites> all all from today. Clicked backup & folder was empty. Fact: the bookmarks are gone period.

Just to summarize what you are saying:

  • Restore menu: no dates
  • Profiles folder: only one subfolder, so no other place to look

Is that correct?

Then here is the next suggestion:

Finding/Using Shadow Copies

You can use a utility program to search inside restore points to try to locate an old file that's usable. (Please do NOT try to use the built-in Windows System Restore for this because you probably would lose data.) Here are the steps:

(1) Set Windows to show hidden files and folders:

(2) Download and run one of these two programs:

Within the most recent restore point shown in the program, you can explore along this path to see whether you can find a shadow copy of your profile:


(3) Check in the bookmarkbackups folder of each profile for older backups. You can export interesting files to a convenient location such as your currently live desktop.

This article lists the names of the most useful files you are looking for: Recovering important data from an old profile.

Any luck?

I have been at this for 11 HOURS. I don't have full use of my fingers from chemo. This is difficult for me. I am tired. I cannot go through any more of this today. Just keep going in circles. Thanks for your help. I GIVE UP.

You certainly don't have to do it today. This thread will stay open for six months.

This crap is about to end VERY SOON. I've had it with the endless updates and removal of extensions. Every "solution" to updates has been ridiculous. This is completely UNACCEPTABLE!

Hi AEKron, you should not have a problem with validly signed extensions failing to be verified in Firefox 66.0.5 or later. Please start a new question and include your system information. Here's the link, when you see suggestions, scroll down to continue with the form:

August 21, 2019 The last update also totally screwed up everything on my pc. Nothing would load, and if it did, it took 30 minutes or more. I finally (after over 24 hours) found how to stop automatic updates. After doing so, I installed an older version, which everyone here tells you not to do. Except for losing ALL of my bookmarks, which contained info for a book I am writing, and Facebook and other sites telling me I was on a new device, everything is back to normal. It's hard to believe you can't find this when asking for help. I stumbled upon it. OK, here goes! 1. Go to the Menu button (the 3 lines stacked) in the right corner of the Firefox page. 2. Select Options. The first heading will say General. 3. Scroll down to Firefox Updates. Here you have the option to allow automated updates or "check for updates but let you choose to install them." After doing this, I downloaded an older version. EVERYTHING now works as it did before. I can't believe it took 2 days to stumble upon this. Good luck!

Hi UptonHouse, for this:

Except for losing ALL of my bookmarks, which contained info for a book I am writing, and Facebook and other sites telling me I was on a new device, everything is back to normal.

Lost Bookmarks

Try: Recover lost or missing Bookmarks. If that is not successful and you need further assistance tracking them down, please start a new question as this thread is two pages long already. You can start here:

Scroll down past article suggestions to continue with the new question form.

New device issue

Either certain cookies set by FB and other sites were lost, or changes to Firefox invalidated the old cookies.

Time to ask this again and revive this question.

How do I prevent Firefox from checking for updates.

Setting aside all the recommendations, and assuming I am technically savvy enough to understand the content, intent and results of this (quite condescending) statement: "Updates contain important security and stability improvements and if you turn them off your computer is left vulnerable to them. ", and still have the desire or the need to completely and utterly disable all update checking - for whatever reason - how do I do this?

I have:

  • Changed internal settings on the config page
  • Removed anything that looks even vaguely like a URL from those settings
  • Set a policy to disable update checking
  • Chanted charms and incantations at midnight

Nothing I have tried, in any version of Firefox from 67 on up, has had any impact.

I have a security reason for not wanting a random browser to initiate an outbound network connection - which Firefox does, regularly, when it does it's phone-home for an update.

So in this thread, the 'accepted answer' is not an answer at all.

To restart this original question:

How do I permanently disable all forms of update checking done by Firefox?

Options for replies are: 1: Detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to prevent any version of Firefox from 67 upwards from ever phoning home to check for an update which results in the 'there is a new version of firefox available' popup window. 2: Absolute written confirmation that this is not possible.

Thank you (& everyone else) but I gave up trying to figure this stuff out. I'm old & not savvy technologically. It's ok.

dgtrshsaedrhearwyjta said

I have:
  • Changed internal settings on the config page

Does that include this (?) :

Type in the address bar about:config and press Enter (promise to be careful, if asked)

Type in the search bar app.update

Look for the preference app.update.doorhanger

and set its value to false

Then close and restart Firefox.

Tyler Downer said

Turning off updates is not recommended. Updates contain important security and stability improvements and if you turn them off your computer is left vulnerable to them. The most recent version of Firefox is 67.0.2. Please ensure you are fully up to date

Dear Moderator Tyler, and dear Mozilla, anytime someone ask that question or related, your "answer" is the first one, and as you know very well it does NOT reply to the question. The security speech is always the same, no matter whether in real world or in the digital world, and always, always, always, comes at the expense of freedom. Here, the question is simple: is Firefox ready to give me my freedom back? I am the only one allowed and entitled to decide the kind of security risks that I am ready to take. In real life or in the digital one likewise. You, Mozilla or Tyler, have absolutely NO right in that respect.

So please, dear Mozilla, give me back my freedom to decide how much security updates I want to install and when to do it, or I will be forced to consider running away from you.

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