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I Do not get any confirmation email for account

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Tried all night to get a account, stopped my antivirus prog, checked my email acount, but still no returning lenk for setup. Last is that it says that my email is not a email?

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jonsalve said

-) But as I said several times....There is not any error message. Only message is that the confirmation email has been sent ?

Okay, I was merely repeating the administrator's request.

I don't know anything about Sync (don't use it myself).

You still should remove that screenshot, though .......

guigs said

Hi there, Thank you for your question, i understand that your verification email for setting up a Firefox Sync account does not arrive in your inbox. The previous links provided are for when you already have set up an account, and you may have forgotten your password or the email cannot reach an inbox with the email provided. I am still here to help. Can you please verify a couple of questions, so that we can figure out a little bit about what you already tried, this can help me further diagnose the issue.
  1. Is there an email in your spam folder from
  2. Can you share your domain of the email address
  3. Can you provide a screenshot of the error you are seeing if you are seeing any?
Thank you and I look forward to your reply! Rachel

Hi Rachel, got some nice help from Happy 112, but she had no experience with Sync modul. Sorry if I messed this up, but I really tried to make it work. Regarding your questions; 1) No email in my spam folders. Not in my Outlook or in my webmail. 2) My domain is: 3) No error to see. Only thin seen is that it says I have been sendt a confirmation mail.......

Looking forward into your reply



jonsalve said

2) My domain is:

That's not the domain of your email address, is it, Jon  ?

Wouldn't that be something like ''  ?

Happy112 said

jonsalve said
2) My domain is:

That's not the domain of your email address, is it, Jon  ?

Wouldn't that be something like ''  ? </bI do not understand? My domain is, and my email is </p>

jonsalve மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

jonsalve said

I do not understand? My domain is, and my email is

My bad ......

I asked, because when I clicked on that '' it took me to a page that has nothing to do with email. Sorry  !

Well, we've just established that sending you an email to that email address works.

Went over your thread again and what it comes down to :

You never got the verification email ......

Hey Jon, Let's open up a bug. Use this question as a reference, please add your email address to the bug.

There is one last item I need you to do. Can you please install a version of Firefox, the latest version and try to sign up for a sync account in the separate instance of Firefox?

Try the process there. Your version, 47, is very out of date. However let's try it in another install first, then we can safely move all your profile info to the new instance.

I have posted the bug for reference to get it started,

Please confirm the steps you took with the newest version of Firefox and feel free to add it to the bug. If the email address does also not work with bugzilla, which I think will not be the case, please feel free to post back here or ping me directly.

Hi Guigs, I am really sorry, but I do not understand anything out of this. I have installed the new version, but still the confirmation mail does not arrive....... Think I better stick to Chrome, I can not use more of both your and my time on this. Please let me have your thoughts? BR, Jon

Hi Jon,

These are my thoughts, I would love to keep having you use Firefox. I highly recommend you check your spam filters and itpays - enom and norid seem to be the services for the domain. In the bug the Firefox Sync Engineers checked and you are not being blocked from an email reaching your inbox, but the filters you have for your email service.

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