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My email is valid but I always get this message (Please enter a valid e-mail address.)

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When registering with my email address *** I get the invalid email message.. I know my email is valid. So what causes this. I have tried 2 other valid emails and the messages always comes up.. This happens every time I try to register with my emails to other entities...

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I sent you an e-mail. Let us know if you get it. Your address looks okay, but make sure it is correct.

Are you typing the full email address because this message can appear when you haven't finished typing the complete email address?

This should NEVER happen. The software should avoid this at all costs:

"I get the invalid email [address] message.. I know my email [address] is valid." 

Yes, we know the e-mail addresses and we type them very carefully, and many times we even copy and paste them into certain spots.

"Invalid email address" messages should ONLY come up in these circumstances: 1. It is missing the @ symbol. 2. One of these is misspelled, or has too few or too many letters in it: .com, .net, .edu, .gov, .uk, .can, .aus, .de, and so forth. Frankly, I think that if someone types .comm, .comn, .nett, .eduv, and so forth, that ought to be O.K. too because computers should be programmed to recognize that .comm, .colm., etc., really mean ".com". People do make mistakes, and computers need to be programmed to overcome common typing mistakes. 3. One of these is misspelled or is somehow missing from the e-mail program's memory banks: aol, bellsouth, gmail, hotmail, msn, outlook, rocketmail, yahoo, and so forth. There are lots of them, but e-mail programs and e-mail servers should know all or nearly all of them. I have had cases of very carefully typing in e-mail addresses, for example , and that was rejected as an invalid e-mail address. The problem was that the program or the server did not recognize the word "yahoo" was valid for anything. Perhaps someone had a grudge against e-mail.

4. YES! Messages like "Invalid email address" should ONLY come up in the case of something being wrong with the FORMAT of the e-mail address. Anything else is very unreasonable and poor programming. If I have sent e-mail to one thousand times already, that should NEVER draw an "Invalid email address" message. Anything else is poor programming, and it should be looked into and corrected. Don't point your finger at anyone but the programmers.

Dale A. Wood