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Firefox freezing mostly when utilizing bookmark features

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01.12.15 Firefox freezing mostly when utilizing bookmark features

Firfox freezing seems to be a widespread issue with firefox, since looong time without a real solution. Simply searching for "freeze": among so many others, also with Thunderbird(wher I never ever noticed any frezzes, so far: I "solved", no, I hide it by entering a system varibale to suppress message (like blind the warning lamp an th alarm panel, or what) "Large Cache wit FF"? BTW, This is another example whot to "solve" an issue by "disable this and disable that" Hey guys, are you doing this when you buy your car? disable the breaks, when the make noise? Or disable a warning light? For me, that is not a "solution". Not even a workaround!

I personally have very rarely noted any freezes/crashes related to videos/flash sites with my pc

After trying all mentionend workarounds, even crating a new user profile in WIN 81, I face Freeze-issues - not each time, but randomly - when - click into FF window after PC sleep mode - click on bookmark symbol(star) to set a bm - click on tab to "add bookmarks for all tabs.." - switching between FF windows.

I use bm feature quite extensively, I read several news pages one by one, each time I open it in a new window and open interesting links in new tabs, at the end I save all tabs to bookmarks [ newspaper_date ] and finally delete history/all cookies.

I am running adblockplus, noscript and ghostery-add on, thus avoiding any flash advertisement or movie to be downloaded/started automatically

I rarely see any videos, so far I have not found any relation between looking some videos and a freeze.

As mentioned an other question, I will observe this issue by building a new bookmark database.

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Places Maintenance {web link} Allows to run Maintenance tasks on the database that drives Places, the bookmarks and history module behind Firefox.

Open the Add-ons Manager. Locate the add-on and press the Options button. Select All of the tests. Then press Execute on the bottom.

FredMcD said

Places Maintenance {web link} Allows to run Maintenance tasks on the database that drives Places, the bookmarks and history module behind Firefox. Open the Add-ons Manager. Locate the add-on and press the Options button. Select All of the tests. Then press Execute on the bottom.
result ==========

> Integrity check + The database is sane > Reindex + The database has been reindexed > Orphans expiration + Database cleaned up > Coherence check + The database is coherent > Vacuum Initial database size is 112640 KiB + The database has been vacuumed Final database size is 102400 KiB > Statistics Database size is 102400 KiB user_version is 30 page_size is 32768 cache_size is -2048 journal_mode is wal synchronous is 1 History can store a maximum of 104472 unique pages Table moz_places has 151804 records Table moz_historyvisits has 29 records Table moz_inputhistory has 144 records Table moz_hosts has 6099 records Table moz_bookmarks has 166062 records Table moz_bookmarks_roots has 5 records Table moz_keywords has 2 records Table sqlite_sequence has 1 records Table moz_favicons has 4314 records Table moz_anno_attributes has 8 records Table moz_annos has 21007 records Table moz_items_annos has 20082 records Table sqlite_stat1 has 15 records Index sqlite_autoindex_moz_inputhistory_1 Index sqlite_autoindex_moz_hosts_1 Index sqlite_autoindex_moz_bookmarks_roots_1 Index sqlite_autoindex_moz_keywords_1 Index sqlite_autoindex_moz_favicons_1 Index sqlite_autoindex_moz_anno_attributes_1 Index moz_places_faviconindex Index moz_places_hostindex Index moz_places_visitcount Index moz_places_frecencyindex Index moz_places_lastvisitdateindex Index moz_historyvisits_placedateindex Index moz_historyvisits_fromindex Index moz_historyvisits_dateindex Index moz_bookmarks_itemindex Index moz_bookmarks_parentindex Index moz_bookmarks_itemlastmodifiedindex Index moz_places_url_uniqueindex Index moz_places_guid_uniqueindex Index moz_bookmarks_guid_uniqueindex Index moz_annos_placeattributeindex Index moz_items_annos_itemattributeindex Index moz_keywords_placepostdata_uniqueindex

cor-el said

See also:

< That article needs some redacting, I would say; < There is no use to mention FF 3.0 < resp. 3.5, we are running now FF 42.0

< I have no any problem with opening, editing or deleting bookmarks. < Never, ever. < With any FF crash or freeze, my latest bookmarks have always been < saved/stored properly. < I never noticed any lost bookmark, at least

< Like in many other hints, the menues and/or screenshots are not < up-to-date, as here in < "Fix the Bookmarks file" - 5. Not from WIN8!

< When creating new BM file, my FF crashed severely! < I needed kind of "workaround" to get it running then

indication data collection(1) preface

          • starting indication data collection by keeping activity logbook *****

I always interrupt work by some 5-10 minutes: household keeping... or even longer for preparing food, eating, being out, ... I always keep my FF start window with my start-tabs open When I put PC to sleep, I mention it, in all other cases I just leave it as it is. Power management only darkens the screen, by pressing "Enter" I reactivate it

Add-ons: adblocker "NoScript" : by default all websites are blocked Nonetheless content is readable, even sometimes not in the originally designed format (pictures missing, table format is sequential, ...) For my purposes I don't need to care for. others: adblock Plus, Ghostery I am also using add-on "ExportHtmlFolder"

'ff': firefox; 'bm': bookmark; 'pc': personal computer/notebook; 'YT': Youtube;

indication data collection(2) 151202:

Open FF (default with 6 tabs) open new window for, opening some tabs In parallel downloading some files with non-ff tool ... save a few(5 to 6) bm from various other sites

========================> FF Freeze <===============================
  after leaving PC alone for 15 minutes, 2 FF windows open: save all tabs to bm with 
  no videos active.

These were the bm'ed tabs: Rem. my adblocker add-ons

I closed FF by force(close window -> really? -> yes) and restarted it. Since I do not delete history when closing, all FF windows and all tabs are re-openend on FF restart properly. I continued with adding more tabs(just one more): Now "add bm for all tabs..." ist working fine. I close this window(my Start-Window with 6 tabs always remains open all day long! Except when I have to close FF on freezing) Opening new Window, opening 19 Tabs, no videos played, purpose is to save the links as bm. So? "add bm for all tabs..." ist working fine. Now only reading a few tabs. 1204h: no activity ... cont. 1255h download is finished close some tabs, close news window delete history leaving PC alone 1255h ... cont. 1345h [ The following is a template for other news sites ] open new window ...I open new tabs by mouse wheel click... ...14 Tabs "add bm for all tabs..." ist working fine. close window delete history

template ...8 Tabs

template ...18 Tabs

no issues so far

leaving PC alone 1458h no activity ... cont. 1515h close FF

other PC activities: print a few pages from .PDFs, 1530h: put PC into sleep mode ... 1625h: cont'e work update AcroRead DC Webmail...

1642h: template ...14 Tabs

1655H no activity ... 1625h: cont'e work

template ...8 Tabs

template ...18 Tabs

no issues so far(1737h)

two youtube videos, on website-video...

1800h no activity ... 1820h: cont'e work video from hard-disk...1930h

FF cont'd open TV-stream till 2016h reorganize bookmarks till 2050h

...Twitter till 2122h

...delete history pausing till 2220h

template ...17 Tabs

template ...13 Tabs

template ...12 Tabs

shutting down PC --- end of day 151202 ------------------------------

indication data collection(3) 151203:

0645h Starting FF managing bm in background downloads running ...0720h

0740h template, 9 tabs

template ...6 Tabs

template, window remains open

0750h...0830h no activity,

0900h closed, 6 tabs

searching for movies, new window, 6 to 7 tabs open, no bm by mistake putting PC to sleep immediately reactivating

template, 2 and 3 tabs

1008h closing ff, sleep modus

1640h wake up

template, 15 tabs

template while reading: delete all cookies

switching back to Window of and starting to read one tab: FF freezes!

OK, here we go: In my settings for FF I have the following parameters: Tab "general"("Allgemein"): Startpage: file:///C:/###/3_Startseite###.htm|file:///C:/###/_Zeitungen.html||about:preferences#general|about:healthreport|about:networking Rem.: '###" hidden information 'startseite' und '_Zeitungen' are local files, which are designed to facilitate easy calling of interesting web pages. I designed these instead of using bookmarks, because I added additional description text as well as specific icons, grafics and many other information. 'startseite' contains all links to sub-pages or direct page links, wihle subpage '_Zeitungen' contains only links to newspapers, of which I read a few every day, some only once per week, other only occasionally.

        1. add screenshots

finish ...20 Tabs

template ...36 Tabs(remain opened)

1800h putting to sleep mode ...

2359h wake up cont'd reading, delete after reading

deleting all cookoies, cont'd reading tabs close, delete history

template, 13 tabs viewing 2 youtube-vids

template, 13 tabs

template ...4 Tabs

Closing FF, shut down pcno furhter issues observed --- end of day 151203 ------------------------------

indication data collection(4) 151204:

0855h booting, staring as usual with startpage(6 tabs)

reading setting bm for 11 tabs

reading setting bm for 12 tabs

reading 1000h-1030h: leaving pc unattended for 30 minutes cont. reading, adding some individual bm(when I do so,

I close this tab to avoid double bm)

2 website videos doing some translations via google translate setting bm for 18 tabs

manage some bookmarks now only delete compete history!

no issues so far.

1145h terminating ff: "ALT-F4" - "close tabs"(always like this) doing other work on pc ... 1225h: switch pc off ... 1720h: restart pc

open ff

template, setting bm for 31 tabs

start reading 1737h: interrupt working ... 1925h: cnt'd delete all cookies one YT-video ... again delete all cookies ... YT-videos several search requests

finish setting bm for 29 tabs again delete all cookies

Rem: history is still not deleted start reading finished reading, all tabs are ready


doing some other work with other applications writing some emails(w/t thunderbird, update tb)

setting bm for 12 tabs of delete all cookies continue setting bm for 21 tabs of delete history

some videos delete history

Closing FF, shut down pc, no further issues observed --- end of day 151204 ------------------------------

indication data collection(5) 151205:

0750h: starting pc, ff, looking video(VLC-Player, in the background, just for listening) in ff managing bookmarks: in order to minimize the size of bm file, I delete the information of "more" occaisionaly switching back to video

0715h: beeing to fast, I accidentally "CTRL-A"'d the complete bm list after a while message appiers "Skript has stopped: continue/..stop" message "x"ed, ff goes into freeze("keine Rückmeldung", I terminate ff by force (x)

> rem. My request for bm-editor <

0735h: sorting bm according to address ( selecting all move selected bm into folder 'videos-youtube' ff goes into freeze 0728h: "warning: script not responding" I select "continue" transfer is finished, ff accessible


template, setting bm for 9 tabs

0805h: interrupting work

looking video

1015h: cont'd template, setting bm for 12 tabs

1040h: template ... interrupted by managing bookmarks, read external web pages, etc...

template, 1215h: interrupting work

cont'd 1415h adding more tabs setting bm for 18 tabs

1450h: interrupting work

1757h: cont'd

template, setting bm for 9 tabs

template, pausing ca. 10 minutes closing tab right mous click for setting bm for 18 tabs

====================> ff freezes "keine Rückmeldung" <=====================

restart ff, setting bm for 15 tabs:

--- end of day 151205 ------------------------------

indication data collection(6) 151208:

all day as usual...

fill out form for feedback(name, email, address, stuff like that) send receive pdf-page for confirmation File -> save as -> (select folder) -> modify file name -> safe trying to delete this (pdf-)tab at 'x'

====================> ff freezes "keine Rückmeldung" <=====================

3 FF windows open: - my start window, incl pdf-tab - window with slash controlled pictures (befor/after with slide) - news page with tabs

forced shutdown of ff restart ff

all windows with all tabs are restored repeating steps: fill out form for feedback(name, email, address, stuff like that) send receive pdf-page for confirmation File -> save as -> (select folder) -> modify file name -> safe delete this (pdf-)tab at 'x' successfully

> No freeze! <

--- end of day 151208 ------------------------------

indication data collection(7) 151210:

all day as usual...


... delete all history, closing ff

restart FF open twitter account, reading, sending twitts open links into new tabs from various twitter users setting various individual bookmarks for some pages and closing these tabs. whith 8 tabs open setting bookmark for one(last) tab

====================> ff freezes "keine Rückmeldung" <=====================

restart ff setting bm for that tab successfully now

--- end of day 151210 ------------------------------

indication data collection(8) 151212:

starting PC looking video with VLC-player fin'd

starting ff(with my 6 start tabs) doing a few searches via ff search mask with Wikipedia and Quant, opening 3 add'l tabs ...reading... closing the add'l 3 tabs from search

>>> no work with bookmarks at all! <<<

leaving pc to do some kitchen work for 2-3-minutes

returning to pc, adding "new tab" (+) trying to enter a web address for this new tab: no entry possible

====================> ff freezes "keine Rückmeldung" <=====================

closing ff

restart FF running Places Maintenance: > Integrity check + The database is sane ... > Coherence check + The database is coherent ...etc (See previous feedback)

--- end of colection 151212 ------------------------------

          • End of indication data collection *****

(9) Summary:

For me I can see somehow a relation to bookmarks,

However, before I switched off the message, it was alwas related to the message "plugin container not working"!


I wonder, why FF does not respond, when in WIN-Task manager it is marked with "inactive", having a CPU-load of 25%! If I would have programmed my software for automatation in chemical plants or refineries, they all would have been blown up to pieces.


Did FF development consider and investigat in a possible problem in the communication to the windows operating system/ressources, thus an issue not related to FF? Can we exclude this?

Thank you so much for your attention

You keep quite a few bookmarks and history items with places.sqlite being over 100 MB in size.

Table moz_places has 151804 records
Table moz_bookmarks has 166062 records

Firefox needs to check the places database in a lot of cases to possibly update a visit count or to provide suggestions when you type in the location/address bar. You can expect performance lost with that many items.

To the OP, I had a similar problem outlined here, for 7 months: (it's been archived)

Every time I was moving a bookmark, or sometimes even saving/deleting ones, the Library would hang and CPU usage would go to 50% for 20 seconds.

Just tonight I found the cause, and therefore the solution (albeit not perfect): click on Menu, go to Syncing and UNSYNC bookmarks. So for me at least, Syncing was causing the freezing.

Yes I admit I have thousands of bookmarks, my places.sqlite is about 30 MB. That is the issue.

I manually back up bookmarks every day, so for me that's not a big issue. You'll have to remember to do that and also maybe turn on Syncing once a week.

Moderators please update topic.

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