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My version 29.0 of firefox was automatically upgraded even though I had settings to ignore updates. How do I go back to 29.0?

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When I started firefox today it automatically upgraded to 29.0.1. I do not want this version. How did it update when my settings were to ignore updates? Please advise how to go back to 29.

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What's wrong with 29.0.1?

Contributors should try to answer the question, in my case two questions: 1. How did FF update when my settings are Options - Advanced - Update - Never check for updates? 2. How do I go back to v. 29.0? I have searched forums here and elsewhere to see ways to get previous versions, as well as how to download all supported versions. None of them offers a way to get 29.0.

There may be no problem with 29.0.1. But it is not the version I am used to. One of the problems with Firefox is that there are new versions too often: the reason we use browsers is to visit websites and every new version makes changes which we then have to adjust to. People don't want to spend time learning to use a new browser. Businesses especially.

At least Internet Explorer gets this, releasing new versions infrequently. Maybe IE gets it because it's a product of MS which is a big business with lots of other products,.

The (old) Firefox 29.0.1 was just a stability update for the (older) Firefox 29.0 release as it should not be any different.

If you can use Firefox 29.0 then you can use Firefox 31.0 just the same.

James மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

Thanks for the reply.

But there are 8 NEW changes to 29.0 in 29.0.1. The worst being "Significant new customization mode makes it easy to personalize your Web experience to access the features you use the most." I do not want these changes especially the one above.

- How do I go back to 29.0? Why is it not listed as an option? - How did FF override my update settings? What's the point of having settings for updates if FF overrides them?

From what I see, the 8 "new" changes in 29.0.1 carried over from 29.0. In this case "Significant new customization mode makes it easy to personalize your Web experience to access the features you use the most." is relating to the new Australis UI.

Also, I noticed that several users do different things to try to disable updates. Did you make sure to uninstall the maintenance service from Windows and disable the "Use a background service to install updates"? Personally, I use user.js to do this along with the disabling of the options in Firefox with the removal of the Maintenance service to keep on a specific Firefox version for testing and regressions. If you would like the code for that, I can give it to you.

You can go back to Firefox 29 using the Install an older version of Firefox link which contains information about downgrading and information about security vulnerabilities which are also listed in Idealy, Mozilla would prefer users not to downgrade simply to avoid malware and other security holes in the software and users are aware of this when they downgrade.

I forgot to mention, if you simply miss the old interface, here are a few suggestions for restoring the old design. Many users have used it and stayed on Firefox in the latest version (31.0)

hiker1, the 29.0.1 page shows there were only four not eight. The 29.0.1 page mentions the previous plus these four in green. It was a chemspill update for some fixes that could not wait for Firefox 30.0 Release. Otherwise 29.0 and 29.0.1 are pretty much the same.

29.0.1 - pdf.js printing white page (1003707) Fixed 29.0.1 - Tabs not visible with dark themes under Windows 8.1 (907373) Fixed 29.0.1 - Session Restore failed with a corrupted sessionstore.js file (1001167) Fixed 29.0.1 - Seer disabled by default (1005958) Fixed

James மூலமாக திருத்தப்பட்டது

OK thanks for the replies. On further consideration, I probably forgot the version number, which now I believe was 28, not 29. But this does not explain why this one time FF was able to override my update settings. Anyway, by using the Classic Theme Restorer will that make it look like 28? How much time will this take?

As I said before, FF makes too many versions in too short a time. As if every user wants to spend time playing around with FF like staff at Mozilla do. People in the world outside Mozilla offices don't have time for this.

Since 29 was using Australis, I'm thinking it was 28 as well. The Classic Theme Restorer works like any extension. Install it from then restart Firefox. It'll restore the orange Firefox button, put the tabs on the bottom, among other customizable things. The full list of features along with a download is provided at the link below.

I just got my v29 hijacked today -- even though I had the options set to ask me before doing any updates. Now, even though I've re-installed v29, I still get it looking like v34. i want v29 back the way it was!