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My PDF file icons are changed as firefox icons.. how can i get pdf icons for pdf files

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I m using windows xp... in my computer all pdf file icons changed as a firefox icons. it is so difficult to find the files. so try to tell me how to change pdf icons for pdf files.

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Go to the PDF file, which u want to be opened. > Right click on the file >Select open with >Choose your Application which you installed for reading PDF files

 Example :Adope pdf reader, ...etc

>mention, open always with same application which i selected.

Automatically, your icons of files changes from Firefox icon to PDF icon...for further information ping me back....Am providing....Screen shot from my Windows8 OS....Adjust yourself, once go through that, u will understand

thanks you !

Regards, Bala Subramaniyan

Thank You for your responds. I already done that type of process. But it is not changing to pdf icon. i also change by using properties, change options to change permanently. while it is showing the firefox symbol to pdf files. it is getting more confusion to find the firefox files and pdf files to open. May i know the other solution for this problem.

Thank you

Mohammed Rameez

In some cases, Windows' Icon Cache file can become corrupted. Microsoft has a "fixit" for this problem here: Icons change incorrectly in Windows (MSKB 2396571).

I have the same problem and it has gone away after uninstalling Firefox, but as soon as Firefox was reinstalled pdf files again are identified as "Firefox HTML document". By the way, problem is only with icon, the extension doesn't change (it is .pdf) and files automatically open in Adobe Acrobat. So question is only how to make Windows to identify PDF documents as PDF documents ?

js.bigata has created a new thread, so best is to continue there.

hello I updated Firefox to 31 and now PDF icons are firefox and I cannot save pdf file it only shows firefox file type or "all files". please instruct on how to uninstall to previious version and your support is very tedious for such a popular product. I am very disappointed in this update results

hello again. I have no desire to tweak each and every PDF file properties to open as. they already show them as PDF file with Mozolla icon as primary. please help me remove this application and go back to previous version. thank you

Hi premium5471, using "Open With" you can set a new default at the Windows level, so you should only need to do it once to re-associate .pdf files with your preferred PDF viewer.

Some users have reported that even after using Open With, the icon and file description do not switch to the Adobe icon. Unfortunately, the only fix I have seen for that requires editing the registry. Check the last several entries in the earlier thread, starting here:

I would like to uninstall and go back to previous version. this is really unacceptable to upgrade an application that negatively impacts other application causing modifications on the part of the user. please direct me to previous version download as I see your beta for next version so how does one know what impact that will have, how long beta will last which will ultimately cause me to have to automatically upgrade to the full version when available. I did what you suggested but all PDF icons are still firefox and too cumbersome to do all as I did one but still issue is outstanding. I even reinstalled Adobe but didn't help

I did registry changes now I don't get any application icon for PDF files

Hi premium5471, what did you edit your registry to? I have Adobe Reader 11 on Windows 7, so my settings might not be the same as yours.

If you have Windows XP, you can try using the File Types tab of the Folder Options dialog to fix the icon. I don't have XP handy to test it myself, but you can access the dialog using either My Computer or Windows Explorer, Tools menu, Folder Options.

If you want to try an older version of Firefox, which I'm not sure will change the icons, see this article: Install an older version of Firefox.

The beta of Firefox 32 will last a few more weeks, and then Firefox 32 will be released and beta users will get the beta of Firefox 33. Unless someone reports that there is a change in Firefox 32 affecting this issue, I don't think there is a reason for you to install it.

I did the registry changes as I indicated reinstalled adobe and it seems to be better now as PDF files appear to have app icon. thank you. I am now quite honestly hesitant to upgrade to 4.42 which was beta version on your website.

Hi premium5471, I'm not sure what 4.42 is. Anyway, it sounds like you do not need to change your Firefox or your Adobe software at this point. If there is another lingering issue to be corrected, you could start a new question using the form here:

Note: if the support articles suggested after you enter your question don't look helpful, scroll down past them to continue with the details of your question.

The PDF hijacking issues by firefox is something the firefox designers need to address ASAP. To restore my PDFs to PDFs, I had to uninstall Firefox because changing to another default browser did not revert the PDF's to PDF's as long as Firefox was still on my computer. Then my PDFs were restored. Then I reinstalled Firefox without making it my default and my PDF's stayed intact. However, when I set Firefox as the default again, it again hijacked all my stored PDF's, so I had to do the whole uninstall process again and reinstall. Now, to save my PDFs, I just make sure I don't set Firefox as my default browser. And, when I download a new PDF, of course I have to use IE or Safari. I agree with the comments above - Firefox developers need to undo this very undesirable over-reach of Firefox!

Hi DVEE, what version of Windows are you running -- also Windows XP?

Yes, XP with Firefox 31. The way i resolved the problem was to uninstall firefox which restored my PDF files. Then I reinstalled firefox but did not set it as my default browser. I can use it all the time as long as it is not designated at the default. The minute I set it as default, all my PDF files turn into firefox files (no matter were they are filed) and simply making firefox not my default will not restore my PDFs. I have to uninstall it, reinstall it and be sure NEVER to set it as default. All the other solutions people posted did not work. All my file options have always been set to open as Adobe, but that didn't stop firefox from abducting them. I am hoping the firefox 31 developers find and fix this gliche with the next build. Until then, I just use firefox without it being set as default. (This was not a problem with earlier firefox versions.) On my newer computers I use IE because it is much faster. If you have found any other trick to save PDFs from firefox takeover, let me know.

good morning how do i remove myself from the thread of this support issue so I don't receive each email response.

it is interested asfter all the back and forth with PDF icons after installing upgrade to firefox, changing registry reinstalling adobe, not my printer is not responding to jobs submitted.

Hi premium5471, to the right of the original question, look for "Question Tools" and in that category "Stop Email Updates".

Regarding the printer, if it's an HP, I find that unplugging it from AC power and plugging back in usually fixes the "won't wake from sleep" problem. But anyway, it's a subject for another thread .

Of course, of course, something firefox did without my knowledge or concent is sucking up soooooooooo much time.

PLEASE HOW DO I GET MY PDF FILES BACK? I never said change them. every blood pdf file is gone, I don't recognize any.
 I DID open one and put it to save to pd file, but IT DID NOT WORK -- IT JUST CLOSED AS THAT FIREFOX FILE.
 Is the only way to uninstall firefox? Hey, I don't need this browser that bad. I am absolutelive livid they would do this, not tell people, not ask do we even want this.
i have pdf and that is what I use and want to use. I saw a file come in from someone and i had no idea what it was.
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