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How can I delete cookies by date?

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I've been using Firefox for a hundred years, and have 550 gazillion cookies. I like cookies. (I'm an affiliate marketer and people who advise my customers to delete their cookies drive me nuts.) I'd like to delete cookies > 5 years old. How can I do that?

(By the way, can you tell whomever administers this forum that the emails it sends to reset passwords aren't structured properly? That's why my email provider--GoDaddy--says they're not delivering those emails from you. The forum never accepts my passwords, and trying to reset does nothing, so every time I want to ask a question I have to create a new account.)

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Firefox does store the creation time of cookies in the cookies.sqlite database. However, I'm not aware of any built-in way to cull just older cookies. You might be able to find an add-on that has this feature. There are so many...

Using the SQLite Manager extension to query my cookies.sqlite database, I discovered that none of mine are more than a year old. That's curious. The query I ran was the following and the attached screen shot shows the results):

SELECT datetime(creationTime/1000000,'unixepoch'), * FROM moz_cookies
WHERE datetime(creationTime/1000000,'unixepoch') < '2013-07-01 00:00:00'
ORDER BY creationTime

I realize that's nigh on gibberish, but the way Firefox stores date-time values in SQLite databases needs that kind of decoding to be compared with human-readable date-time values.

Thanks for your reply. I tried 2 different cookie add-ons, and neither did it, I guess I'll just keep trying more.

I'd think there are Fx utilities (whether addons or stand alone prgms) that will export the cookies.

Another way that isn't that difficult (worth a little reading how, if you don't want to screw up) - is get an sqlite file viewer / editor.

PLEEEEZZZZE !!! Back up (save) a copy of your cookies.sqlite file AND your profile, before doing any editing.

You can open the sqlite database & many of the viewers will have export functions, to a csv or other type file, where you can sort them by date, edit, then export back to sqlite format, into the profile. Or, maybe sort by date right in the DB editor.

One sqlite tool I've used (not a great deal, but supposed to be pretty decent) - SQLitedatabasebrowser (I use the Portable). Also, an Fx addon: sqlite manager

I really really really need to be able to sort cookies by date. My previous estimate of 550 gazillion was a little high, but, as of this morning, I have 447 cookies and I don't want to go through them one by one. I like cookies, and I don't want to delete them willy nilly. Isn't there some way this request can get to a developer or add-on developer? I spent a long time searching for and installing various cookie managers, and none let me sort by date.

Hi GaelicGal2, there is a forum on the Add-ons site where you can post a request for a new extension (Add-on Ideas / Looking for an add-on • Mozilla Add-ons Forum). Or if one of the existing extensions has the design you want and is just missing this one feature, perhaps it could be added more quickly than having one built from scratch. You could try contacting the author.

I don't know whether you tried the SQLite Manager extension I mentioned in my first reply. If you want to try that I could describe it in more detail.

Thanks so much for the link! No, I didn't try your suggestion, because even though I used to be a SQL whiz back in the early 90's, I now only have the brains God gave a kumquat. I screw up pretty much everything I try to do that requires your IQ to be a positive number, so I try to stick to simple stuff.

See also this utility from NirSoft.

MozillaCookiesView: Cookies Manager For Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape Browsers:

Thanks, but I'm nervous to click an unknown link. Neither Nirsoft nor MozillaCookiesView show up in an add-on search, but searching for the latter did bring up add-ons I haven't tried, so I have more to check out.

The utilities that NirSoft supplies on its website are standalone programs that run independently from Firefox.