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Why oh why have you messed with 'Bookmark this page' ?!

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Last night I spent over an hour trying to recover 'Bookmark this page' because I thought my computer had gliched ! First of all, if you are going to change stuff like Bookmarks why on Earth don't you tell us so that we don't have to spend hours trying to figure out where stuff has gone or what has happened ?

Eventually I realised that 'Bookmark this page' had gone because you have changed it, although God knows why? 'Bookmark this page' was simple, effective, efficient and easy to use, you have replaced it with a pathetic blue star that makes life complicated, means I cannot easily bookmark a page and makes me jump through unnecessary hoops to try and bookmark a page in a particular folder. In fact I can no longer bookmark a page into a chosen folder because I cannot figure out how to do it !? It's enough to make me change to IE.

Just exactly what is the point of having a bookmark system (blue star) that puts bookmarks into 'unsorted bookmarks' ?? Why choose that over a simple effective and rational system with a button that simply says 'Bookmark this page'??? I just don't get it? Why make life so complicated and change something that worked well ?

Is there any way I can get 'Bookmark this page' back into my Bookmarks Menu PLEASE ?

Thank you.


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hello ray, please click the star a second time once you have bookmarked a page to edit its settings...

In current Firefox releases the "Bookmark This Page" menu entry in the Bookmarks menu changes to "Edit This Bookmark" once you have bookmarked the page and the star on the Navigation Toolbar is highlighted blue.

So do not get confused by the missing "Bookmark This Page" in the Bookmarks menu and seeing "Edit This Bookmark" instead if you try to bookmarks a page that is already bookmarked.

You can make a extra copy of a bookmark by dragging the link to a folder in the bookmarks sidebar (View Bookmarks Sidebar) or by doing a copy and paste in the Bookmarks Manager (Library).

  • Click the bookmark star on the Navigation Toolbar once to bookmark the current site (this will highlight the star) to bookmark the current page in the Unsorted folder
  • Click the blue highlighted star to open the "Edit This Bookmark" pop-up dialog and move the bookmark to another folder

Sorry for the frustration. The clear/blue star works like the old clear/yellow star that was in the address bar. Probably you never used that one.

To access the old dialog that defaults to the Bookmarks Menu, you can:

  • right-click on the page > Bookmark This Page
  • Ctrl+d

It's a new workflow, but both are faster than using the menu button once you learn them.

It might also be possible to modify the menu using an add-on if your muscle memory keeps taking you there. I didn't search the Add-ons site for one but you could take a look. I'm not sure whether there is a convenient way to filter just for ones designed for Firefox 29.

jscher2000, you say the new arrangement for bookmarking pages is "faster than using the menu button once you learn them". Bearing in mind that flynnboy spent over an hour trying to find out what had happened to the bookmark function, how many pages will he have to bookmark in order to recover the time wasted?

Hi fedup101, that is not what I said was faster.

Do you have a solution or workaround to assist with flynnboy's question? If so, please feel free to contribute.

To give input on changes you would like to see in future versions of Firefox, you can use this page:

Can you make it clear then what it is that you said was faster, and also explain why the changes were made to bookmarking?

Hi fedup101, here's what I suggested:

To access the old dialog that defaults to the Bookmarks Menu, you can:

  • right-click on the page > Bookmark This Page
  • Ctrl+d

It's a new workflow, but both are faster than using the menu button once you learn them.

Regarding the changes in Firefox 29:

(1) The "star" button moved from the interior of the address bar to the toolbar, and was joined with the drop-down list button formerly found on the Bookmarks Toolbar.

(2) "Bookmark This Page" was removed from the drop-down list button now that it is next to the star, even though they work differently.

I don't recall seeing a specific discussion of these changes among the designers or developers. You might find some of it on blogs or mailing lists. Or is this a rhetorical question I'm wasting my day off addressing?!

No, it isn't a rhetorical question. Surely there needs to be some reason for changing something that already works perfectly well. If there isn't a reason for changing it, then why change it?

the reason for changing it & one of the goals of the redesign was "unifying the disparate bookmarking elements in the main window". details about the process are available at restarting the discussion half a year after the changes landed is a bit of a moot point though...

Well, it was only today that I discovered the change in bookmarking, even though I have bookmarked pages in the last few days the "old" way and Firefox is set to download and install updates automatically.

However, it seems clear from the responses that interfacing with your users is something of chore for you and jscher2000, so we'll leave it there.

I am closing this old thread.