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Why did you take away my REFRESH button in FF 29? How can anyone with a clue decide it is a good idea to remove a BASIC feature like a REFRESH BUTTON?

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This is absolutely ridiculous. How can anyone think it is a GOOD IDEA to REMOVE basic features such as a REFRESH BUTTON from something called a WEB BROWSER?!

No, I do not want to have to go all the way over to no-man's land on the right hand side of the address bar to click a tiny little refresh button over there! I want to put it where it ALWAYS has been on ALL my browsers. ON THE FREAKING LEFT next to the back button.

The person who came up with idea should be fired.

The person who approved this idea should be fired.

The person who let the final build go out the door without including a simple and easy way to get the refresh button back as part of a "customize" feature should also be fired.

None of these people have clue about what people want in a CUSTOMIZABLE web browser.

No, I do not want to revert to some past "classic theme". That is not a solution That is ridiculous.

No, I do not want the add-on bar restored. That is not a solution. Do not tell me that it is a solution.

What I want, is a button, in the customize box, that is a refresh button, that I can put where I want it, like it should have been from the start!

Fix it!

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The far-right-hand-side of a long URL is NOT the right place to put the refresh/stop button.

But why not let the user decide? After all, the customizability of FF is one of the biggest things that made it great. Please don't take this away from your loyal customer base.

This is a serious regression that needs to be fixed immediately.

You can look at the Classic Theme Restorer extension to restore some functionality that was lost with the arrival of the Australis style in Firefox 29.

  • You can check out the settings of the CTR extension via its Options/Preferences button on the "Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions" page.
  • You can find extra toolbar buttons and more toolbar settings in Customize (3-bar Firefox menu button > Customize)

See also:

That is not a solution.

I want it fixed (like thousands of other people).

I don't want to hack it up.. or use add-ons. I just want my damned refresh button back and I want it put it on the frickin left.

I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more.

Quit screwing around and fix this!

i have installed "classic theme restorer" - as advised by firefox support here.

now there is a new issue: installing this extension brought back the firefox button in the top-left corner. but at the same time, this extension removes/hides the new menu button on the right side of the toolbar.

using the customization screen i am able to put the button back on the toolbar, but pressing this button has no effect.

and here is the punchline: since firefox support team is listing this extension as the one and only possible solution to several hundred thousand user complaints, this is now a FULLY SUPPORTED BY MOZILLA FEATURE/PRODUCT.

you cant win both cases: 1) either you stop recommending this extension and replace all such instances with a simpler "unsupported feature" for all forum questions. at least this way your users will know to look for a new browser. 2) actually fix the feature in your product to work as the users desire.