What permissions does Firefox Private Network request?

Firefox Private Network requires the following permissions:

  • BrowserSettings: to disable FTP when the proxy is on. Secure-Proxy is unable to send FTP traffic through the proxy, and, for security reasons, we have decided to disable this protocol.
  • CaptivePortal: to control when the network has a captive portal
  • Identity: this controls the user authentication flow that allows you to log in. It’s needed to obtain the tokens to be sent to the proxy server.
  • Idle: secure-proxy does a few operations when the browser is in idle state.
  • Proxy: The most important permission! This is needed to configure the proxy.
  • Storage: the extension saves the current tokens and the user information in an internal storage.
  • Tabs: this permission is needed in order to open new tabs (for the survey and for the onboarding page).
  • webRequest & webRequestBlocking: this permission allows Firefox Private Network to check the status of the webRequest and detect when something goes wrong.
  • <all_urls>: The proxy settings are set for each request.
  • Privacy: This is required to support WebRTC
  • Telemetry: this is requested to obtain telemetry data about the network state and the user interaction.
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