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What was Firefox Better Web with Scroll?

Last year Mozilla partnered with Scroll to bring Firefox Better Web. Firefox Better Web with Scroll was a service that improved your reading experience and protected your privacy while funding journalism. Firefox Better Web gave you an ad-free experience on Scroll partner sites. When used with the Firefox desktop extension, it also blocked trackers and increased performance.

That experiment has now ended. However, the service will still be available through Scroll and all active users will be transitioned to Scroll.

What does this mean for Firefox Better Web with Scroll?

There will be no visible changes in the Scroll membership nor in the experience you had with the Firefox Better Web with Scroll extension. Your Firefox Better Web extension will continue to work in the Firefox browser although it won’t be further developed or supported.

The Firefox Better Web extension is not supported anymore, what should I do?

If you enjoyed the privacy setting that the extension provided while you were in Firefox for desktop, you can continue that experience with Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection in Strict Mode. More details about how to switch to that mode can be found here.

How do I cancel my account

You can manage your membership or cancel your account on Scroll’s settings page. Visit Scroll’s knowledge base to find out more.

I need help

If you need help with your reading tools or account, visit Scroll’s knowledge base to find a solution or email support AT scroll DOT com.

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