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Kaspersky Anti Virus Add On Disabled

I have used FireFox for Years and I have ALWAYS been able to have the Kaspersky Add on in it. Now, I need some kind of Signed statement?? This browser has never had that problem before. I cannot (read: will not) use FireFox without Kaspersky incorporated into in.

How do I get this statement (or whatever it is I need) to reinstall the Kaspersky Addon. Am I supposed to contact them for it and have them send it to you or what. This used to be automatic and I am sure there are a lot of other people not happy about this. Your beginning to behave like Chrome. They did the same thing a few years ago, cut out a lot of addons and such and wouldn't do anything to help people get them back. But at least they support Kaspersky. Why not you guys, all of a sudden??

Yes, I am VERY upset. I had to set up another account because I could not log into my Original account. I asked it to send my password, NO RESPONSE, I asked to send my user name, NO RESPONSE; in total three emails not received to try access my account.

FireFox updated to version 43.0.1 a little while ago and its all gone kaflewy (I'm trying very hard to stay polite). So what happens now??

I just noticed below that Kaspersky is not even in my installed plugins list.


Who Me Too'd this topic