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Removing Comcast from Firefox Windows 7

I was having an issue with Comcast and their downloaded set up system for my Windows 7 PC. Whenever I opened Mozilla Firefox, a series of Comcast tabs opened as a default. The most effective fix I have found will be listed step by step here.

  • Step 1: You must manually uninstall the Comcast setup from your Windows 7 Pc. I recommend running a search in the start menu. It will show all files and folders associated with Comcast. Select them all using the organize tab and delete them.
  • Step 2: Wipe your registry. I recommend using C Cleaner for this. The program is handy anyway for several different applications, as well as keeping your computer running smoothly. You can download it at This will clear out any residual components.
  • Step 3 Uninstall Firefox. Yes uninstall it, and then reinstall it. This will wipe your user data and reset the browser.

If you find other methods that work feel free to post. I saw a posting for MaC users but nothing for PC. My Mozilla is now running smoothly but if there are issues with this method please inform me, So I can post a fix.

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