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The best way to get started is to remix one of our Starter Makes Thimble is divided by the right pane, which is a live preview of web page that you're creating, and the left pane, which is the HTML and CSS code that is putting the page together. Hit the Remix button
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Everything that is made on is remixable. This means you can pull the curtain back and load a project in the editor, exactly the way it was built by its original author. This is called "forking" because you are cloning a branched version of the project that becomes
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Thimble makes it simple to create and share your own web pages. Write and edit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript right in your browser, then instantly preview your work. Host and share your finished projects with a single click. It’s great for both beginners and experts. You can build:
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Code comments do not show up when the page is rendered, and can be a helpful way to communicate information to remixers, directly in the code, in context. This could include instructions for things to remix, coding tips, etc. To add a comment to an HTML file, use this syntax