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I've lost my Firefox Sync account information - What to do

Firefox Sync works by storing your data on Mozilla servers and synchronizing it with your computers and devices. When you set up Sync, you enter an email address and password in order to prevent others from accessing your account. In addition, we encrypt your data with a key derived from your password in order to keep it safe on the server. This article explains what to do if you forget or lose any of this important information and are unable to access your Sync account.

I’ve forgotten my Firefox Account password — how do I reset it?

To get a new password follow these steps.

Warning: Any data you have on the server will be erased when you reset your password. Your other devices will stop synchronizing unless you update them with the new password.
  1. Click the menu button New Fx Menu and choose Options.Preferences.
  2. On the Sync tab, click Sign in to open the Sign in page.
  3. On the Sign in page, click Forgot password? Firefox will send you a reset email.
  4. Follow the instructions in your reset email to change your password.

Now you're ready to go. Remember to update your password on each of your synchronized devices by following the steps below:

  1. Click the menu button New Fx Menu and choose Options.Preferences.
  2. On the Sync panel, click on Sign in to open the Firefox Sync page.
  3. Enter your new password and click Sign in.

I’ve forgotten, or don't have access to, my Firefox Account email address

Unfortunately there's no way to change or recover the email address associated with a Sync account. You would need to create a new account following the steps described in How do I set up Sync on my computer?

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"I've lost Firefox Sync account information" is awkward sounding. It should be renamed "I've lost my Firefox Sync account information."

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Hi I was doing some testing in Firefox 41 and noticed when you change your password you have to removed the account from a Note device on 4.4 and S6 on version 5.1 of Android. I did not see a warning from the list of Accounts in the Android Settings.

Can I confirm this with someone, because if this is the case it might be nice to also to provide steps to change the login from the Android settings :?