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Are the suggestions supposed to be written in English? If it is so - as I think - this should be made clear to users IMHO.



Firefox I am at my wit's end with you. As a researcher, your site has lost all of its smoothness. Rather than simply clicking on a certain item to view it, I have to endlessly and repeatedly activate whatever Firefox refused to activate. I have went through the add-ons updated them, activated them, then updated again, then activated again . . . this is a worthless enterprise now. Your lack of applicability with other programs is appalling. With each update, Firefox becomes less and less user friendly. Hell at this point I would rather use IE than this convoluted joke of a server (newest Firefox) . . . no coming back this time, I have worked with my IT consultant to make the proper updates to Chrome so that it functions as Firefox used to function. Goodbye.


A Professor

You can disable that if you did a little research.

  1. Go to about:config, pass the warning.
  2. In the filter type "security.mixed_content.block_active_content".
  3. Double click the first result, it should say false beside it, and become bold.
  4. Reload all pages and or restart firefox if needed.

Why is this article archived? It links from the main page for users to leave feedback.

I can't say for sure why this article was archived but I found a related bug, filed 2013-07-30 by scoobidiver:

  • Bug 899482 - Home page links to an archived article

Judging by Kadir Topal's 2013-07-30 comment in the above bug report, it looks like this is related to Bug 885793 - Remove top Navigation Bar which was "fixed" 7-10-2013.


Mozilla Firefox used to remember my user name and it's password for yahoo. Now, Firefox does not save my yahoo user name or it's password. There is not a KEY on my page, anywhere! How do I get the key and make it function correctly?

Frustrated long-time user of Firefox, Linda


I'm a Mozilla user. I'm from Indonesia. I received an email on behalf of the mozilla corporation. Content of the email is below :


Good News !!!! Your E-mail Address has won (Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds only) GBP750,000 in the Mozilla Firefox yearly Online promo recently conducted. To claim this prize, email us for confirmation at:

This will serve as our last winning notification to you. Reply now only through:


Yours faithfully,

Greg Adamson For: Mozilla Firefox Online Promo Team Mozilla Foundation © 2013 • English (UK)

Really? Mozilla is implementing a rewards program as mentioned in the email? Is it the fraud?


Hello All,

Not sure if you Mozilla developer types peruse this forum but the Mozilla website does not appear to have a means of email contact.

This is a feature request/suggestion.

The Firefox Master Password feature is most useful. Not only to secure passwords but also to maintain a complete list of all those web service user names and passwords.

However, to use the Master Password feature one has to first type in their master password and select OK, then click again on the OK button in the "Authentication Required" notice. It’s a two step process.

I'm not sure if this can be done but it would be great if Firefox could log onto a web service directly after entering the master password, bypassing the "Authentication Required" notice.