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About Firefox Support

Firefox Support ( is the official community-powered support website provided by Mozilla. It is meant for Firefox users to give and receive Firefox technical support. Firefox Support includes a wiki-powered knowledge base, a support forum, and a live chat service.

What does Firefox Support cover?

Firefox Support includes references, tutorials, and troubleshooting guides for users of Firefox 3.5 and up. Only Firefox releases downloaded from or provided by Linux with the "Mozilla Firefox" brand name are supported. We do not support other versions, since these versions are not necessarily identical to our official releases and may use different settings or simply look different.

It is common to install Firefox add-ons to add additional functionality to Firefox. Add-ons are not developed by Mozilla, and we do not provide documentation for add-ons.

If you are looking for developer documentation, including documentation for website developers, please visit the Mozilla Developer Center.

If you are looking for a place to give feedback about Firefox or another Mozilla product, please use the Hendrix Feedback System.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

The Firefox Support website follows the Mozilla Privacy Policy.

Usage of the Firefox Support website is subject to the Firefox Support Terms of Service.

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