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Pinned Tabs - keep favorite websites open and just a click away

Pinned Tabs allow you to always keep your favorite web apps like Facebook, Gmail and Twitter open and just a click away. Pinned Tabs are small, can't be closed accidentally and open automatically when you start Firefox. This article goes over the features of Pinned Tabs and will show you how use them.

Why should I use Pinned Tabs?

The internet is now full of websites that we use more like programs than just static pages. Popular sites like Facebook and Gmail are like this – they're used to accomplish tasks (or to avoid accomplishing tasks), they update themselves and notify you when they've changed. Pinned Tabs allow you to pin any website to the left side of the Tab Strip so that it's always available.

Pin tab 29 - Win Pin tab 29 - Mac Pin tab 29 - Lin

How do I make a Pinned Tab?

The easiest way to see how useful Pinned Tabs are is to make one.

  • Right-clickControl-click on the tab you want to pin and select Pin Tab from the menu.

Try it out: Try turning one of your favorite websites (email, internet radio, social networks) into a Pinned Tab. They're easy to create and super handy.

How do I remove a Pinned Tab?

Turning a Pinned Tab back into a regular tab is simple.

  • Right-clickControl-click on the Pinned Tab and select Unpin Tab from the menu.

How are Pinned Tabs different than normal tabs?

  • Pinned Tabs are small – only showing the site's icon, not its title – and they live on the left side of the Tab Strip.
  • Pinned Tabs don't have a close button so you can't accidentally close them.
    • You can still close them by right-clickingControl-clicking on them and selecting Close Tab from the menu.
  • Pinned Tabs notify you with a blue highlight when they change.
    • If you have Gmail set as a Pinned Tab, for example, and you are using a different tab when a new email is received, your Gmail tab will glow.
  • All of the Pinned Tabs you have set when you close Firefox will open as Pinned Tabs when you start Firefox again.
  • Links to other websites open in a new tab so that your Pinned Tab doesn't change.
    • Many web apps, like Facebook, already do this but a Pinned Tab will make this happen even when the website isn't set to do it.

Pinned Tabs in Tab Groups

Tab Groups (also known as Panorama) are a great way to organize and group your tabs. In the Tab Groups view, your Pinned Tabs are represented by their site's icon on the right side of each Tab Group.

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I just made a couple of edits to the the App Tabs and Panorama pages, and was a bit confused by the capitalization convention. Seeing "App Tab" capitalized in the same paragraph as "tab group" looks a bit goofy to me. My best guess is that "App Tab" capitalized because its the official feature name, while "tab group" is just a component of the "Panorama" feature—is that about right?

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Now, App Tabs and Tab Groups are capitalized in the article because they are the official feature name.

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As is apparent from the dozens of people who waste their time trying out App tabs - only to find that App tabs are transient if one does any sort of cleanup on firefox exit or use CCleaner. Well over a 100 have asked to solve their "problem" of disappearing app tabs when in fact they should have been informed up front that this is not a problem but in fact a "Feature"

"App Tabs are small, can't be closed accidentally and open automatically when you start Firefox"

The least you can do is warn people up front of the conditions where this is not true

I approved it.

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Some web sites will remain in the App Tab when opening a new page (such as Gmail), however, some web sites (such as eBay) will open a new full sized tab when opening a new page. I prefer that the new page will remain in the App Tab. Is there a way to make this work for all web sites or is it web site dependent?

This thread contains discussion on an App Tabs issue reported in the Using tabs, App Tabs and Tab Groups Discussion forum, a workaround. and related bugs:


Firefox 18 changes the only reference to "App" tab to "Pin" tab. There are a few things we should do here:

  1. Update this article to say "Pinned Tabs" instead of "App Tabs" and "Pin Tab" instead of "Pin as App Tab" for Firefox 18 and greater.
  2. Update the screenshots for Firefox 18 and greater.

Once those changes are done, we should:

  1. Rename the article to "Pinned Tabs - keep favorite websites open and just a click away"
  2. Add a note for Firefox 17 and lower that App Tabs have been renamed to Pinned Tabs in the latest Firefox (thus the title of the article).

Am I missing anything? Anything we should do differently?

Thanks, Michael

Actually, the screenshot is fine but the video should be removed for fx18.


They are called App Tabs on Use Tab Groups to organize a lot of tabs. I have edited that page.