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Create bookmarks to save your favorite webpages

Bookmarks are links to web pages that make it easy to get back to your favorite places. This article goes over the basics of making and managing your bookmarks.

Note: Bookmarks are known as Favorites in Internet Explorer.

How do I bookmark a page?

It's easy — just click the star!

To create a bookmark, click the star in the toolbar. The star will turn blue and a bookmark for the page you're on will be created in the Unsorted BookmarksOther Bookmarks folder. That's it!

Bookmark 29 Win Bookmark 29 Mac Bookmark 29 Lin
Tip: Want to bookmark all of your open tabs at once? Right-clickHold down the Ctrl key while you click on any of the tabs and select Bookmark All Tabs... from the context menu. Give the new bookmarks folder a name and choose which folder to store it in. Click Add Bookmarks to finish.

How do I change the name and location of a bookmark?

  1. To edit the details of your bookmark, click the star a second time to open the Edit This Bookmark window.
    Bookmark2 29 Win Bookmark2 29 Mac Bookmark2 29 Lin Fx48-EditThisBookmark
    • In the Edit This Bookmark box you can change any of these details:
      • Name: This is the name that Firefox displays for the bookmark in menus.
      • Folder: Choose what folder to store your bookmark in by picking one from the drop-down menu (for example, the Bookmarks Menu or Bookmarks Toolbar). In that drop-down menu you can also select Choose... to display a list of all bookmarks folders.
      • Tags: You can use tags to help you search through and organize your bookmarks. For more information, see Bookmark Tags - Categorize bookmarks to make them easy to find.
  2. When you are finished editing, click Done to close the box.

Where can I find my bookmarks?

The easiest way to find a page that you've bookmarked is to start typing its name in the address bar. As you type, a list of web pages that you've bookmarked, tagged and visited will appear. Bookmarked pages will have a star next to them. All you have to do is click one of the pages and you'll be taken there instantly. To learn more, see Awesome Bar - Search your Firefox bookmarks, history and tabs from the address bar.

Bookmark3 29 Win Bookmark3 29 Mac Bookmark3 29 Lin Fx48-addressbarDrop-down

How do I organize my bookmarks?

The Library window lets you view and organize all your bookmarks.

  1. Click the Bookmarks button Bookmarks-29 and select Show All Bookmarks to open the Library window.
    Bookmark4 29 Win Bookmark4 29 Mac Bookmark4 29 Lin Fx48-ShowAllBookmarks
  2. By default, the bookmarks you make will be located in the Unsorted BookmarksOther Bookmarks folder. Select it in the sidebar of the Library window to see the bookmarks you've made. Double-clicking a bookmark will open it.

While you have the Library window open, you can also drag bookmarks into other folders like the Bookmarks Menu folder which will show your bookmarks in the menu under the Bookmarks button. If you add bookmarks to the Bookmarks Toolbar folder they'll show up on the Bookmarks Toolbar.

Bookmark5 29 Win Library-mac2 Fx48-BookmarksLibrary

See the following articles for more details on how to manage your giant list of bookmarks:

How do I turn on the Bookmarks Toolbar?

If you want to use the Bookmarks Toolbar, you can turn it on like this:

  1. Click the menu button new fx menu and choose Customize.
  2. Click the Show / Hide Toolbars dropdown menu at the bottom of the screen and select Bookmarks Toolbar.
  3. Click the green Exit Customize button.
  • Click the View menu at the top of the screen, go down to Toolbars and select Bookmarks Toolbar.

Tips and tricks

Ready for more fun with bookmarks? Here are more articles to help you get the most out of them.

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A couple of suggestions for improving the text:

Under "How do I create a bookmark?", Step 1 makes sense only if the Firefox display is at the desired page. Suggestion: add "While Firefox is displaying the page, ..." and "If you're not looking at the page, ..." followed by an alternative method. Under "How do I change the name of a bookmark?", Step 1 makes sense only when you're creating the bookmark. Later editing requires a different process.

See /forums/knowledge-base-articles/704574 for related discussions about this article.


[Needs Review] made some win images viewable to linux, added must be on website

No screenshot is better than misleading screenshots according to Chris Ilias' feedback, so I disagree with the display of Windows screenshots on Linux.

The must-be on website is discussed in /en-US/kb/how-do-i-use-bookmarks/disc.../1124.

I'm marking this thread as duplicated.

@Ibreed: In an article, we don't list all possible solutions for one action.

bens545 added a step in the "How do I create a bookmark? and "How do I change the name of a bookmark?" sections, allowed the display of Windows screenshots on Linux.

Based on bens545's edit, I removed the display of Windows screenshots on Linux, added a note about syncing bookmarks from another device, fixed minor things.

It needs review.

I don't think the either of these changes are needed but I can add reference to bookmarking the current page to the instruction for creating the original bookmark. It would be redundant to add it to the editing a bookmark instructions as this option isn't available if you are not on the page you want to edit. The note about sync and control of your data is out of the scope of the article and best dealt with in the sync articles.


When I'm creating a bookmark and click on "choose" to file in a particular folder I've created (like Jewelry, Clothes or Weather) its not displaying my folders--only the standard three.

On my last computer, when I clicked on "choose" all my created folders would display and I could easily file a bookmark as I was creating it. Or I could drag folders around in the bookmarks dropdown. Now I have to open the sidebar to drag bookmarks to file them or change their location.

Also, if I have to do it that way, is there a way to drag several bookmarks at once?

Ctrl-click allows you multiple selections one by one and shift-click allows you to select from the first selected one to the last selected one.


In Firefox, how to I save a bookmark to a folder called X. Right now, I click Bookmark this page and get choices: Folder: Bookmarks Menu and get Bookmarks Tools Bookmarks Menu Unsorted tools Choose (folder icon) which, when clicked, does nothing. The Help says: Choose... to display a list of all bookmarks folders. I'd assume this is the button that I'd like to ahve working. But if nothing happening is standard for the button, then searching for help:

And at the Firefox Help for Bookmark folders, it has making new folders Putting bookmarks into folders (once you've bookmarked it) Sorting folders smart folders But nothing on how to bookmark a page straight into a folder.

So now I save my page to the Bookmarks menu Back at bookmarks, it's at the bottom of the list. I then cut it, and paste it to the right folder.

Seems incredible I can't find any way to do what my Internet Explorer offers me right up front. And sadly, there's no help. I hope I don't have to go back to Bill Gates' piece of trash that would crash on me 10 times a day.


Same problem - VERY ANNOYING! I have to create a new folder before the list of folders appear. Then i can choose where i want to put the bookmark.

Please let us know how to fix this.


I found my problem. You have to click the actual folder, not the whole highlighted bar of the folder. I was clicking the bar and didn't know I had to actually click the left hand folder. But then no problem at finding my folders. Making the whole bar clickable might help avoid this problem for newbies like me.


When you install Firefox, the Bookmarks Toolbar is no longer displayed by default unless you were already using it in your previous version of Firefox. If you want to use the Bookmarks Toolbar, you can turn it on like this:

At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Firefox button, go over to the Options arrow and check Bookmarks Toolbar.

This is not correct for Windows XP users. I was able to activate the Bookmarks Toolbar by:

  • Clicking the View menu
  • Clicking Toolbars
  • Checking the Bookmarks Toolbar

Thanks for reporting this. I added Windows XP steps to the "How do I turn on the Bookmarks Toolbar?" section plus I made it a level 1 heading. I also made a few other edits, including removal of a fx35 video that was taking up too much space.


There's no mention of Ctrl+D to bookmark a page or Ctrl+Shift+D to bookmark all tabs anywhere. (Bookmark All Tabs wasn't mentioned at all, actually, so I just added that and submitted it for review.)

Ctrl+Shift+D isn't available in a default Ubuntu build of Firefox, for example, so I'm not sure how to deal with that. I also don't know if the Mac version uses Option+D or something like that.


You can check Keyboard shortcuts for bookmarks by changing the "Article is for" setting to a different OS but it isn't necessary to give those shortcuts in this article.

Your revision is a good idea except I would use Template:contextmenu instead of Right-click since Mac users might not have a two-button mouse. Ref: Using Templates.

Also, on Windows, the button you click is labeled "All Bookmarks" Add Bookmarks not "Done". Screenshot: BookmarkAllTabs-Win7

Not sure what it is on Mac (I could check that later) but assuming Windows and Mac both use "All Bookmarks" Add Bookmarks and Linux uses "Done" I would write it up like this:

How do I bookmark all of my open tabs?

To create a bookmarks folder containing all of your currently open tabs from a single window:

  1. [[T:contextmenu]] on one of the tabs and choose Bookmark All Tabs... from the context menu.
  2. Give the new bookmarks folder a name and choose which folder to store it in.
  3. When you are finished, click {for linux}{button Done}{/for}{for win, mac}{button "All Bookmarks" Add Bookmarks}{/for} to close the box.

I checked on Mac OS 10.6 and the button is also labeled "All Bookmarks" Add Bookmarks not "Done".
Screenshot: BookmarkAllTabs-Mac


It's All Bookmarks on Linux, too. My bad. I tried to cut-and-paste from above to keep the style consistent, and obviously got distracted.


Wait- not "All" Bookmarks- "Add" Bookmarks, right?

I'm happy with your suggestion minus the unneeded {for} block.

jpjp said

Wait- not "All" Bookmarks- "Add" Bookmarks, right? I'm happy with your suggestion minus the unneeded {for} block.

Right, "Add Bookmarks". (I just edited my earlier posts). Could you make the new article edit? Otherwise, if I make it, someone else will have to review it and approve the revision. Thanks!

I added a "How do I bookmark all of my open tabs?" section based on the deferred edit by jpjp (pending review).

This was approved by Michael Verdi on March 16, 2012.


they are just few words I suggest to add a textbox to search for folder so, when a user wants to bookmark a page and put this new bookmark in a folder that is not in the quick list he put the first few letters of the wanted folder's name and select it from results listed and click Done button\ It is an idea I loved to give it to firefox I hope I see it in later nearest version

Thank you FireFox

Renamed to "Create bookmarks..." to keep users from getting this confused with Use bookmark folders to organize your bookmarks.

There are a lot of articles that link to the old article name, ""How to use bookmarks to save and organize your favorite websites". See this "what links here" list under the old name: (some are one just redirects):

I'll try to get I made revisions to update the links in those articles to the new name so that the "What links here" list for this article includes them.

Bug 1257599 - Rename »Unsorted Bookmarks« into »Other Bookmarks«

I have an edit pending to change "Unsorted Bookmarks" to "Other Bookmarks" in the text. I also made screenshots {for not fx48} if they show the "Unsorted Bookmarks" folder and I removed pre-fx29 content,

Could use some fx48 screenshots.

I made another edit to add fx48+ screenshots and approved it RFL.



The list of bookmarked web pages that appear when you start typing in the address bar has grey stars next to them in Firefox for Windows 7 and Linux Mint. (Fx 48) . I don't know when it was changed. The current text: "Bookmarked sites will have a {for win,linux}yellow{/for}{for mac}blue{/for} star next to them." Should be changed.


Thanks for noticing that. On Windows, the star in the addressbar drop-down is blue in fx38esr AND in fx47, then it's grey in Firefox 48.

I made an edit to the "Where can I find my bookmarks?" section to incorporate the pending edit by Tonnes. I changed the text to just say "star" rather than blue or yellow star and I added a new screenshot for fx48.

I'll mark it ready to localize.